Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more!. 62 items Feat name, Short description, Rulebook. Azure Enmity, You can channel incarnum to enhance your ability to deal Magic of Incarnum · Azure Talent. When I first heard about Magic of Incarnum, I thought to myself, “Oh no, Wizards is coming out with some stupid splatbook no one is ever going.

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Results 1 to 29 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The frist time I glanced through, I was like, “Oh, cool, they don’t need magic items. The Incarnate seems to suck poor BAB?

Can someone explain to me what is good about Incarnum? What about the Incarnate, I really don’t get ‘I’ve practically got magic items, but am maglc at combat! Last edited by Zovc; at The real sucktastic class is the Soulborn.

Classes in Magic of Incarnum – D&D Tools

Here’s a link to the Incarnum handbookby our very own Sinfire Titan. Now, for a simple explanation: There are 2 main parts of Incarnum, Soulmelds and Essentia. Soulmelds are things that you can shape, thus granting you a bonus. However, binding a soulmeld means that you can no longer use items that would have used that slot on the body.

Incarnates can be decent skill monkeys or combatants with some limited healing, depending on your choice of soulmelds. Totemists can be scary natural attacks, and basically make for a much more balanced druid. Soulborns suck due to low essentia and soulmeld gain.

Last edited by Tavar; at He fears his fate too much, and his reward is small, who will not put it to the touch, to win or lose it all. Think Shapeshift variant Druid, minus spellcasting.

Add in gratuitous amounts of Magical Beasts incrnum, and there you go. It quite literally is the ‘Build your own monster” class. All you need to do is focus on one job at a time. More of a skill monkey than anything, the upside to the Incarnate is how high the numbers can mmagic. Its a mini-Artificer minus brokenmixed with the Fighter minus feats and iterative attacks. The key to playing it is to focus everything into one point. If you want to tank, play Lawful and focus on attack rolls.

Have the rest of mafic party back you up. If you want to play support, play Good and invest heavily into Use Magic Device. If you want to replace the Rogue, Chaotic is the best alignment sort of. Evil is for abusing the Elder Evil splat, and works best as a Glass Cannon though your defenses can get fairly high even as a incarnuk. Seriously, it’s almost as bad as the Divine Mind from CP.


Incarnum – 1d4chan

Incarnum itself in a nutshell: Each Soulmeld acts like a “larval” form of a magic item. The character’s meldshaper level is the caster level of the Soulmeld for all purposes and intents such as suppressing them via Dispel Magicand Soulmelds react to spells the same way magic items do the exception is Sundering or damaging them, Soulmelds have no HP and no Hardness, and are effectively impossible to break through Sundering or similar abilities.

Essenita is like the enhancement bonus you normally put on armor and weapons. Only every soulmeld grants something different for investing essentia into it. He has a limit to how much essentia he can invest in a single soulmeld.

Typically, it’s his Character level divided by 4, but some effects can improve this value a feat, a magic item, and two class features. The maximum essentia capacity a standard 20th level Incarnate or Totemist character can have is 8 Totemists can exceed this value, but only temporarily.

The meldshaper doesn’t need to meet the maximum capacity in order to invest in a soulmeld he can have as little in each soulmeld as he chooses, so long as he doesn’t exceed the capacity.

Chakra binds are where the system gets a little tricky. Normally, shaping a soulmeld makes it hover above the corresponding magic item slot the Bluesteel Bracers, for example, occupy the same slot that bracers of Armor do.

While a soulmeld is not bound to a Chakra, the body slot is considered open.

As long as it is open, you can gain the benefits of every soulmeld or magic item that occupies that slot without penalty but you don’t get the benefits for binding the soulmelds to that chakra. Upon binding a soulmeld to a chakra, the meldshaper effectively closes that body slot for the next 24 hours.

This is akin to donning a magic item you can’t gain the benefit of a Monk’s Belt and a Belt of Giant Strength without a special item or feat being involved. There’s a limit to Chakra binds, however: No individual soulmeld may be bound to more than one chakra at a time. One class feature allows you to bypass this restriction, but even that is restricted in use. There are 11 chakra slots.

Crown, feet, hands, arms, brow, shoulders, throat, waist, heart, totem, and soul. Meldshapers gain access to new chakra slots as they gain levels.

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The most powerful slots arguably are the Heart, Soul, and Totem slots. Each chakra slot corresponds to a magic item body slot except the Totem: Head or Helm Feet: Gloves, or gauntlets Arms: Armor The totem is an exception: It can be anywhere you want it to be, but the soulmeld bound to it must be shaped on another chakra slot binding a soulmeld to your Totem chakra does not cut off access to any other body slot.

They have few other issues, but that is main problem. Soulborn sucks because they over rated full BAB. How many Soulborn meldshapes have SR issues? Last kncarnum by tyckspoon; at But yeah, Totemists can be quite good. Magc been said that to truly understand MoI, you should read the book twice.


The first time I read it, I was almost overwhelmed by the new system, the new classes, all of the new items Originally Posted by Randel.

How about the fact that humans can apparently breed with anything on two legs or even four legs if you count dragons? Hey elf, you look like a girl. To a human, everything must look like a girl. I said shut up! Last edited by Sinfire Titan; at Many feats grant an essentia, and bonus essentia can be taken by any reasonably well-built meldshaper at any time feats are gained.

You are supremely flexible. If you can figure out what you’re likely to fight, you can equip yourself to take advantage of it’s weaknesses. Indarnum neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.

Ignore the HD size while you’re looking at the Incarnate and Totemist. You’re going to have enough CON that even rolling all 1s will make you abount as fragile as a brick of titanium. A minimum max HP of I’ve had a incarnkm with little more than that at And you’ll want around a 19 CON by ECL 20 anyway, so that you can shape and bind the maximum number of melds allowable.

Originally Posted by Artanis. Somebody that pisses off a Warlock is going to go down fast. But with a Warlock, death will be a mercy because the Warlock is a secondary controller, and en route to killing you he’ll first cripple you, then blind you, then set you on fire, then steal your girlfriend. Originally Posted by Blackfang Originally Posted mzgic Tavar.

That’s really low for an Incarnum build. Still, you’re right about their fragility. Though I think bricks of titanium are a bit more fragile. Originally Posted by tyckspoon. Incarnum classes aren’t really completely SAD, tho, so they can’t in practical terms afford the mono-focus that gets you 36 casting stat fullcasters.

Last edited by Blackfang; magif If you’re curious, you could send him a PM, I think he’d have some good words of advice for you. Originally Posted by Sinfire Titan. A Totemist that pretends to be a Dragonfire Adept could make that work very easily. A Guide to Truenamers. Originally Posted by Doc Roc. Gentlefolk, learn from Zaq’s example, and his suffering. Remember, seven out of eleven players who use truenamer lose their incarnhm to taste ice cream.

Originally Maic by Magnor Criol.

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