Italian priest, humanist, rhetorician and orator Lorenzo Valla circulated in manuscript De falso credita et ementita Constantini Donatione declamatio, proving on. Lorenzo Valla () was the leading theorist of the Renaissance humanist movement. In On the Donation of Constantine he uses new philological. Lorenzo Valla () was the most important theorist of the humanist movement. His most famous work is On the Donation of Constantine, an oration in.

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Lorenzo Valla

vallaa Based on legends that date back to the 5th century, the Donation was composed by an unknown writer in the 8th century. Although it had only limited impact at the time of its compilationit had great influence on political and religious affairs in medieval Europe until it was clearly demonstrated to be a forgery by Lorenzo Valla in the 15th century.

The origins of the Donation of Constantine are bound up with the political transformation that took place on the Italian peninsula in the mid-8th century, even though the exact date of its cnostantine remains uncertain estimates range from to The document has been associated with the coronations of Pippin in and Charlemagne inas well as with papal efforts to secure independence from the Byzantine Empire or to undermine Byzantine territorial claims in Italy.

The consensus view is that the Donation was written in the s or s by a cleric of the Lateran in Rome, possibly with the knowledge of Pope Stephen II or III; — if the logenzo date is correct. The Donation was based on the Legenda S. It begins with the tale of the conversion of Constantine to Christianity after Sylvester I miraculously cured him of leprosy. Constantine then declares the importance of Rome to the church because it is the city of the apostles Peter and Paul. The second section of the forgery contains the actual donation: He next grants administrative rights to Sylvester and his successors over estates granted to churches throughout the empire.


Most importantly, Constantine gives the pope control of the imperial palace in Rome and all the regions of the Western Empire; this effectively conveys the notion that the pope has the right to appoint secular rulers in the West. The earliest extant manuscript of the Donation, from the 9th century, was inserted into the collection known as the False Decretals. Leo IX —54 was the first pope to cite it as an authority in an official act, and subsequent popes used it in their struggles with the Holy Roman emperors and other secular leaders.

Doubts about the document, however, ,orenzo voiced about the year by Otto III and his supporters. In Lorenzo Valla showed that the Latin used in the document was not that of the 4th century.

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Lorenzo Valla Proves that the Donation of Constantine is a Forgery :

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He rejected this costantine, which purported to list the rights and properties conferred on Pope Sylvester I. Otto supported the claims of the Italian bishops against the lesser aristocracy, who were attempting to make their lands, which they leased from the church,….


According to this document, the emperor Constantine in the 4th century had granted to Pope Sylvester I and his successors spiritual supremacy and temporal dominion over…. Although the formal break between the two churches did…. With similar philological arguments Petrarch…. More About Donation of Constantine 13 references found in Britannica articles Assorted References applications of historiography In historiography: Political origins In Holy Roman Empire: The Ottonian system In Italy: The concept of Christendom interpretation by diplomatics In diplomatics: Help us improve this article!

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Donation of Constantine

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