Download Libreta Topográfica – Nivelación Geometrica Gratis APK Latest Version Free for Android. Coleccionismo – Laminas, Programas y Otros Documentos: Antigua libreta de nivelación de topografia. Compra, venta y subastas de Laminas, Programas y. Cargado por Claudia Elizabeth Ramirez. modelo de llenado de la libreta topografica. Guardar. Libreta Topografica (Nivelación, Triangulación). para más tarde.

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The first size listed is the downloaded file size and the second size listed is the size on the calculator. Checks and calculates the internal buckling of an I topgrafica section. Designs the sections of concrete in beams, for solicitations of ultimate moment and ultimate shear. This program calculates the curve elements, for a simple curve, curve with inaccessible PI, curve radius for specific point end deflection angles.

Graphical libretx, with help. Analisis Curva Horizontal 1. Solves simple horizontal curves by the deflection method and the coordinate method. Also solves compound clotoides spiral-spiral and spiral-circular-spiral by the same methods. Analisis Curva Vertical 1. Solves vertical curve lengths concave and convexsynthetic vertical curves both concave and convex, by the direct and order methodsand asymmetric vertical toografica both concave and convex, by the direct method.

All the parameters and elements of vertical curve are solved with their formulas and procedures step by step. Analisis de Curvas Topografia II 1. Solves simple horizontal curves and all of its elements and its respective stake out, convex vertical curves, and concave vertical curves and all vertical curve elements and their respective stake out. Topogrfaica the security factor for slope of a figure with respect to a point, with a tension fracture filled with water or something like that.

Includes full documentation in PDF format. Analisis de Hopografica Cerradas Gradiente Hidraulico 2. Matrix-driven application for the analysis and design of a drinking water supply network system. It requires the user to subdivide the supply system into a series of elements nifelacion identify its endpoints as nodes, using iterations to correct the flows that must pass in each pipe and the pressure generated by this effect, using nivelaclon system of simultaneous and implicit equations in each node of the system, which can be solved with any mathematical method of compensation or iteration.

It makes it possible to analyze open or closed networks or a combination thereof, making the nivelackon or compensation of flows and at the same time the correction of piezometric dimensions and finding a very reasonable convergence with few iterations.

Analisis Estructural – Matriz de Flexibilidades 1. Performs structural analysis with matrix flexibilities. Analisis estructural I-Pendiente Desviacion 1. Program that calculates beams and porches by the method of “Pendiente Desviacion”.


Performs a particle size analysis, offset by the error proportional to the weight retained in the sieves. Analisis Tridimensional de Esfuerzos 2. This program calculates the principal and normal stresses in three-dimensions. Contains properties of steel pipes API 5L.

Download Libreta Topográfica – Nivelación Geometrica Gratis Latest Version |

Area de Acero 1. Program used to calculate the steel area in a beam, subjected to flexion, by means of the rough calculation method.

Helps you find areas, nvelacion, and inertia. Simple program to calculate and draw an area. You enter the coordinates and it calculates and draws the area. This program can calculate and display the area, perimeter and G of any polygon in real time by the coordinates method.

Easy to use and provides answers quickly.

Civil engineering program to solve “armaduras. The program is highly vector-based and it uses matrix yopografica for the solution. It solves trusses, cerchas or stable articulated structures are already isostatic, hyperstatic, bi or three-dimensional.

Armaduras is a program libreha solves isostatics trusses. Analyzes the internal efforts in flat structures, nnivelacion as beams, trusses and frames. Has a variety of solicitations or effects, using the stiffness matrix method to calculate displacements in the nodes, reactions in the supports, etc, and manipulates the generated matrices.

Nice interface, with efficient and accurate tolografica. Includes comprehensive PDF documentation. It computes the reactions, shear, bending moment, slope, and deflection.

Beam49 will solve statically indeterminate beams of variable EI. Written in System RPL. Bj’poligonal is a topography program to calculate and make adjustments on a closed polygon external or internal angles only.

Furthermore, it makes a preliminary sight of the graphic of the polygon. Written mainly in System RPL. Buckling Length of a Concrete Column 2. Basic program to calculate convergence of any point and also compensates for your field angles measured from True North.

Some documentation about commercial njvelacion transport and airplane design. It contents explanations and formulas. Calculo de la adherencia Acero – Concreto 1. Program to calculate the adhesion of steel and concrete to prevent sliding failure code C.

Calculos del Diagrama de Moody 3.

Another hydraulics program, for calculating pipes with Moody’s diagram. Book theodolite calculation conventional centesimal what? Cambio de Coordenadas 1. Since a multi-lane highway has not one curve but several, this program reframes ‘n’ curves that can exist in the highway which you are going to reframe. It is similar to the previous version, but libretz it gives the result in pictures, since there are several curves.

Canales de Remanso 3. Helps you calculate the backwater channels or length of a curve. A program to solve fluid mechanics problems. This program can calculate the pressure loss produced by pipes and accesories.

Also, it can solve problems with two pipes in series and connected by a union or a pump. In this last case, the program calculates the power of the pump. This program can calculate the flow transmited by a pipe system.


Also, it can find the right diameter of the pipe to satisfy flow requirements. You are allowed to work with power pump or its equation.

The program show you every iteration and nvelacion results.

Libreta Topográfica – Nivelación Geometrica Gratis – 47 similar Apps

This program can calculate how the flow is distributed between pipes in paralel. You only have to know the flow in the principal pipe feeder topografifa pipes caracteristics and fluid. A program to calculate how much fluid is transported by a line by knowing the total losses.

Centro de Gravedad 2. Program for calculating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional center of gravity. Documentation in PDF format. Performs static analysis for steel reinforcements. Program for making corrections with metallic metric tape. Analyzes the variation of forces at a point, applicable to Civil Engineering.

Clasificacion de Suelos 1.

This program has by object the classification of the different kind of grounds by two methods: Calculates transition curves clotoides for roadway or railway design. It also calculates vertical curves acuerdos verticalesto join two different slopes of a plan. Surveying program capable of performing common survey calculations. Allows settings for angular measure grads or degrees dec or hms and features a number of tools such as a triangle solver, horizontal and vertical curve solvers, linear regression tool and more.

Includes HP source directory. Free version; commercial version available for purchase from the developer. This program finds the factor of librreta “f” in closed pipes to pressure using the Colebrook-White formulas and Newton-Raphson numeric method.

Yet another program for determining columns, according to their position in the structure. It is also good for calculating flagstones. Concreto Armado I 1. This program contains flow charts that they indicate to us like designing, by different methods, sections of beams, as well as programs of design of sections of beams and it shows the separation to us between stirrups for a nonseismic zone.

Code totally free for free modifications. Civil engineering program for the course Constructions I. Program to balance the interior angles of any polygon with a central point, using the method of least squares, and it is very exact. Costos y Topografixa 2. Topogravica the analysis of unit costs, budget and calculation of monomials to assemble the polynomial formula, according to Peruvian regulations.

Draws the interaction curve of a concrete column using Eurocode 2. Written in User RPL, so it’s a bit slow.

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