The Parc de la Villette is the third-largest park in Paris, hectares in area, located at the . Bernard Tschumi designed the Parc de la Villette with the intention of creating a space that exists in a vacuum, something without historical . Jun 7, With the first dozen or so follies complete and the great north-south axis largely defined, the Parc de La Villette is beginning to take shape and. Also apply ideas from Tschumi: line/points/surfaces produce a Parc de la Villette Paris by Bernard Tschumi in Deconstruction, Omnibus Volume, prints.

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The park was intended to create space for activity and interaction, rather than be the place for the conventional relaxation and self-indulgence. The vast expanse of the park encourages freedom, exploration, and discovery.


Parc de la Villette Paris by Bernard Tschumi

The Parc de la Villette has a collection of ten themed gardens. Each garden is created with a different representation of architectural deconstructionism. They vary, for example while some of the gardens are minimalist in design, others are constructed for children.

They are distinctly organized on a grid creating a regularity to the park. These follies are meant to act as points of reference that help visitors gain a pqrc of direction and navigate throughout the space.

The follies create one grid of rationality. This grid is laid on top of a second grid made of lines and surfaces. On its own these two grids are regulated and rational however, when you layer the two, as Tschumi had, the plan becomes irrational and sporadic. It is where these yschumi grids intersect that architecture happens, according to Tschumi.

The intersection of the grids throws the parks visitors into a world not defined by conventional architecture.


Parc de la Villette – Wikipedia

The two overlapping grids relates to my own project. In my indexical sequence I also have one grid that is highly organized the horizontal lines and one that is not berjard by strict rules the curvilinear vertical lines.

When separated these grids are rational however, when placed on top of one another they intersect a multitude of times creating pockets of densities destroying the regularity of the grids.

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