Cartoon History of the Universe Volumes [Larry Gonick] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cartoon History of the universe vol an. Why begin earlier than the birth of the universe? Includes the evolution of life on earth, the origin of sex, the first humans, the early civilizations of the Middle East, . Volumes 14 – From the Rise of Arabia to the Renaissance. Includes pre- Islamic Arabia, the life of Muhammad and spread of Islam, history of Africa before .

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Sep 27, Robin rated it did not like it Shelves: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Cartoon History of the Universe – Wikipedia

Fantastic imagery and lovely writing. May 13, Mish rated it it was amazing. Have you ever wondered about history, but find textbooks too dense and boringto read? The final two volumes, published in andare named The Cartoon History of the Modern World volumes one and two. For example, he depicts the weaselly Robert Guiscardthe 11th-century Norman adventurer, as an anthropomorphic weaselan allusion to Guiscard’s name and cunning nature, and depicts Baburthe 16th-century founder of the Mughal Empire with buckteeth an allusion to the theory that the conqueror’s name means gonivk beaver “.

Lists with This Book. Though originally published as a comic book series, the series is now published in trade paperback volumes of several hundred pages each. Gonick chose larrh subject because he understands that people often dislike history, and associate it with the sensation of reading a boring textbook, and tthe wanted to change this.


American comic strips comics debuts Historical comics Comics about time travel Educational comics Humor comics books 20th-century history books Universal history books American comics titles Series of books Books about civilizations Non-fiction comics Harvey Award winners for Best Graphic Album of Original Work.

There are nine issues. View all 4 comments.

Everything one needs to know about the world’s beginning, from the formation of the planet, the start of life, the different scientific eras, dinosaurs, early life, evolution of man, wars, plantlife, cultures, religions, etc. Also disproportionately focused on bible stories.

I’m glad I read it, and there are a few parts if the Greek history that I’d like to use in teaching, but overall, I’m thoroughly unimpressed. The diversity of his interests, and the success with which his books have met, have together earned Gonick the distinction of being “the most well-known and respected of cartoonists who have applied their craft to unravelling the mysteries of science” Drug Discovery Today, March Gonick’s work is not the first comic history in English: When Gauls are depicted, not only do they often resemble Goscinny and Uderzo’s characters Asterix and Obelixbut when Gonick treats the Gallic invasion of Italy — BCEthe characters, along with Vitalstatistixappear unmistakably Vitalstatistix is transported on a shield, Asterix pummels a Roman soldier, etc.

Seolah diajak meloncat-loncat di era tersebut. For example, the Professor reads a book about dinosaurs to introduce Volume 1 about prehistory.

Cartoon History of the Universe

Hishory have so much history pop off of the pages with such wit is astounding. What a way to educate someone on, oh, Sumerian economy or the fertilization of reptiles Gonick takes us on a trip from the beginning of the universe, to Alexander the Great, with a satirical undertone that would make even the most stony-faced man chuckle. May 24, Gary Butler rated it really liked it Shelves: It talks about how fair-skinned aryans came from the Nordic region with horses and conquered pretty much every ancient civilisation from the black Egyptians to the dark-skinned dravidians in the Indus Valley.


I don’t know what it teh about me lardy this book counts as one of my major comfort books. Jan 08, Leli rated it it was amazing Shelves: The final volume covers history from the late 18th century to early I if bored by the Greek stories, which makes up that latter part of the book, if only because I am familiar with Greek history through my studies of its philosophy.

View all 12 comments. It’s not worth slogging through the rest to get to those little gems. One of my all time favorite books.

The strangeness of Egyptian history. The old testament volume was interesting, as I contrasted it to my reading of Genesis, many of the historical conjecture as filtered through Gonick seems much more reasonable than the Bible’s account.

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