transformer, test leads, and input jacks — must be purchased from Keithley Instruments. Standard fuses with For analog filter (Models A/A only) . leaving the factory the A and A meet these specifications. the Series A Reference Manual for additional power derating. Keithley A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keithley A User Manual.

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There are three primary factors that affect measurement accuracy and speed: Each open script file is displayed on a separate tab.

Calibration Typical values for the mA range: The IVI Foundation http: Keithley a dual channel system sourcemeter v, 1fa, 10a pulse calibrated keithley a system pulse 1fa, v, a calibrated dual sourcemeter 10a manul channel keithley a. Return and break statements can only be written as the last statement of a block. Selects full-duplex operation 0 or lan.

Under Construction:

The Series B stores current and voltage readings and then recalls all sets of readings. Set the relative offset value. Introduction to TSP operation Anyway, i just want to simply to program the keithley a to run a certain voltage through the. Connection description dialog box 2. The anonymous script must be named before it can be saved to nonvolatile memory. Series b sourcemeter smu instruments tektronix. To retrieve the source code as a single string, send the command: The format parameter can include the options shown in the following table.

Set this attribute to display. Example Assume line 4 is set high, and it is then read. The following two figures show sample sweeps. To ensure accuracy of readings, the instrument must periodically obtain fresh measurements of its internal ground and voltage reference. Anyway, i just want to simply to program the keithley a to run a certain voltage through the hi and lo cables, and read the output current.


Calibration is locked 1 or smuX.

KEITHLEY B : User manual

Y This function configures the measurements that are to be made in a subsequent sweep. The next time the instrument is turned on, test5 script automatically loads and runs. Install and tighten the screws securely, making sure not to overtighten them. All delay values are specified in seconds.

TSP command reference Details This function generates and activates new calibration constants for the given range. For other menu items, see Main menu on page For example, type MakeMyFunction.

The Series B uses a digital filter, which is based on reading conversions. A-1 Line fuse replacement This level is used when the error queue is empty; the message does not represent an error.

A returned value of one 1 indicates that the line is high.

Keithley 2636a reference manual

For rated measurement accuracy, allow the Series B to warm up for at least two hours before use. Each section of the trigger model performs a function: Effects such as dielectric absorption, cable leakages, and noise can all extend the times required to make stable measurements. Example Restores a script named “test9” from nonvolatile memory. See Sweep operation on page for keihley on sweeping. Remember that a value of 0 display.


When a static trigger configuration is not possible, you can keitnley the interactive triggering method to control the timing and actions of the SMU. Connect To The Interface To set more than one bit of the register, set measurementRegister to the sum of their decimal weights.

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To delete a script from nonvolatile memory using a remote interface: For example, to set this attribute to 15 you would send: TSP command reference Also see smuX. If this step is not on the CALA sense mode, send the measure calibration command using the multimeter and Series B readings, and the range setting for the parameters.

It does not affect the smuX. Variable types and values Variable type returned Value Notes “nil” not declared The type of the value nil, whose main property is to be different from any other value; usually it represents the absence of a useful value. In addition, pulse performance is dependent on the pulse setting as a percent of full scale.

The only time a script is aborted is when a Lua run-time error errorerrorerror code”TSP runtime manusl is detected. These commands are not available on those models.

You might want to rename a script if you need to name another script the same name as the existing script. After changing this setting, lan.

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