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In the earlier Kali yuga there was a shudra who was by nature jealous and highly egostic. Somehow he was a devotee of Lord Shiva but envious of Lord Vishnu. He used to worship by his own whims.

Ramayana story: Lord Rama and crow!

Being naturally envious he could not approach humbly to any guru. At last he met one Brahmana who was by nature very humble and caring. This sudra took shelter in his ashram and started serving him, although not with full heart as this sadhu was a Brahmana as well as worshiper of Lord Vishnu. The Brahamna knew the envious nature of this sudra but being a pure Vaishnava he never saw his bad quality and always tried to convince him to give up the bad quality. As days passed the shudra chanted the mantra of Lord Shiva but at the same time his hatred toward his own guru increased.

His guru being merciful never cared for his behavior, on other hand always tried for his upliftment.

Seeing his guru maharaj, he turned his face otherside and did not bother to rxmayan obeisances pretending as if he was deeply meditating. His guru being a pure sadhu did not mind for this disrespect but this behavior of the shudra was not tolerated by Lord Shiva.

With a thunderous roar Lord Shiva appeared from his diety form ,with his eyes burning like red fire, holding His trishul, he was about to kill the shudra. Seeing the situation, the guru fell down at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva, and with tears in his eyesthe guru started pleading to Lord Shivaby offering him prayers and singing his glories.


He prayed for forgivness of the shudra and in turn offering bhuzundi own head, and in this way he was able to cool down Lord Shiva. Being a pure Vaishnava he did not mind it, but I could not tolerate kaj insult of a pure Vaishnava.

Kakbhushundi – Wikipedia

Therefore I curse you to become a python and you will have to take birth in low species form. You are so merciful.

Please forgive my disciple, and sow the seed of Lord Narayan bhakti in his heart. Being cursed and blessed by Lord Shiva, he fell down at the lotus feet of his guru maharaj and with tears in his eyes he begged his forgiveness.

Manas Bhusundi Ramayan – Moraribapu Official Website

Soon, he took the form of python and kept changing his body without any pain as per the blessing and in his last birth he was born in a brahmana family. In his early age he lost his parents. Whomever he met he use to ask about Lord Ram and nothing else. At the end he met a Rishi from whom he enquiret about Lord Ram. The brahmana with having no interest at all in Niraakaar form, debated and asked again the mantra of Lord Ram. At this the muni got furious and cursed him to at once become a crow.

This curse buhsundi taken as blessing by the brahmana boy, and with folded hand he again asked the mantra of Lord Ram. Seeing his firm devotion, the Lord situated in everyones heart removed the influence of His maya from the rishi. Immediately the rishi realized his mistake,deeply repenting for it, he asked forgivness and at once gave him Ram mantra. Obtaining the mantra for which he waited so many lives, the crow knew no joy.

He thanked the rishi and flew away. Lord Ram ramyan in front of this crow and asked the crow to ask for any benediction.


The Lord said take riddhi, siddhi, wealth, beauty or any thing you name I shall give to you. I want nothing, oh!

Lord of universe, If You are really pleased with me then give me Your loving bhakti of which Lord Shiva had talked about. And he never changed his body of crow. I sincerely apologize for the length of this posting.

I tried my best to make it concise, but the story is so involved and instructive that I cannot make it any shorter. Moral of the story: Just imagine the fate of the shudra, what he was and what he became, and all this is because of a mercy of a pure vaishnava, a true sadhu, a real guru maharaj, bhusndi is many many times more merciful than a true father.

The spiritual master is rightly called Karuna Sindhu who liberated his disciple who was not at all qualified and who insulted him. When we think of such Sadhua Param Vaishnava. A relevant verse from the scripture that highlights the quality of a spiritual master: Stories about 6 goswamis bjusundi Vrindavan.

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