3 days ago , Document No. Nomenclature, Standardisation Sub-Committee. , (Third Revision), COMPOSITION FLARES, BEACON. Environmental standards JSS / MIL-STD [1], [2] on GPS VTS board for compatibility of the system with these Standards. The typical test specifications. For more details, refer Procedure 6, Test Condition K, Page no of Defence. Standard JSS Rev Low Temperature Test.

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Rain Test Chambers

RIDEX is a ruggedised field exchange built to exacting standards required to withstand the tough field conditions. It is an automatic telephone exchange which complies to JSS standards.

It can also withstand vibrations and bumps uss damaging the internal electronics. It neither gets affected by the radiations of other equipments nor emits radiations which will affect other equipments in its vicinity.

RIDEX supports a variety of protocols available in the communication world. It can be installed on mobile field vehicles with a vehicle mounting kit. RIDEX is designed to take on such rough conditions and can stanrards set up in tents within minutes and works with DC power back up.


RIDEX is portable and easy to deploy, It can be used to quickly set up communication platform within minutes.

Reveal Environmental Solutions

Its Radio stancards along with other connectivity makes it very useful for setting up seamless communication between various rescue agencies. RIDEX is capable of switching and routing data channels hence can be used as a LAN bridge capable of transmitting images and data from one location to the other.

Coral Telecom has bagged the Nigerian Army ruggedised field exchanges. These exchanges are rugged More With coverage of more than 12 technology verticals, Coral Jse provides a complete end-to-end market intelligence solution to its partners and clients.!

It is satisfying that we are using the system from last 2 years after sale service provided by Coral Telecom Limited is satisfactory.

MILTEC Equipments & Systems Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

The work has been carried out as per specification and the performance of the firm is satisfactory. Presently working at our location “Hotel Raajpath, Vadodara” with satisfactorily, Since last 08 years. Subscribe to our newsletter receive news and updates We Promise not to spam you, super promise! The world we live in today demands that business be conducted at the speed of thought. Telecom acts as the backbone for companies wanting a foothold in every corner of the globe.


Providing the right combination of products and services and deploying them with professional expertise is imperative to understanding the way technology is constantly evolving. Coral – Promotes Intrapreneur Ridex Switch RIDEX is a ruggedised field exchange built to exacting standards required to withstand the tough field conditions.

Nss PBX – iConnect.

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