Do you want to avoid reservations while planning your trip? In the Interrail timetable, simply check the box that states ‘avoid trains that require reservations’. Interrail Planner is the free trip planning app. Use our interactive map to plan your Trains. See journey times and book your seat reservations in advance. After ceasing publication last summer, one man has risked all, by reviving the European Rail Timetable, the backpacker’s bible.

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What would happen if you miss the train that you had booked? You can also avoid seat reservations by doing shorter journeys on regional trains rather than long trips between big cities. I recommend coming up with a rough itinerary and using a site like Loco2 to calculate how much it would cost to buy tickets individually, then compare that to the price of the pass.

Submit a new text post. Contact our support team for any further questions! Get the app on iPhone and Android. Regional trains truly capture what European train travel is all about. Intrigued by the small town outside your window?


What do I do? Estimate how many train travel days you need to fit in all your destinations, and you’re then ready to choose and order your pass.

Some of the features: Enjoy beautiful scenery on the go. These are fast regional trains that make fewer stops and operate between the bigger cities. To be absolutely sure if a train is covered, check the list of railway companies participating in Interrail. You have been successfully subscribed.

Minimum amount of senior is selected. This page may contain affiliate links.

Interrail train timetable

Sometimes you want to take the quickest and most convenient train, though, especially for long journeys. Would you have to change your ticket if you do miss the train, because from what I understand you write the train on the interrail pass?

Schedule Schedule your travel with our Interrail timetable and rail planner app. Discover the smaller off-the-beaten-track destinations that can only be reached by regional train.

‚ÄéRail Planner Eurail/Interrail on the App Store

See our privacy policy. Just complete tietable travel report, hop on and enjoy the journey. We receive a small commission if you buy the passes through the links in this post at no extra cost to you.


If the options above haven’t helped you find a train or route you like, you can select the option ‘Via this station’. Are you planning your travels for ?

Back on schedule: Europe’s InterRail timetable is re-born

If you want to travel for less than 1 month, choose weeks interrzil days. There are just a few exceptions that you should be aware of:. The best way to travel Europe is by train.

You can’t have a 0 day vacation. Plan your trip From starting your journey to planning your next.

Once the Rail Planner app is downloaded you won’t even need an internet connection, except when you use some special features. Error subscribing to the newsletter.

The service was easy to use. You have already subscribed to this newsletter!

General questions involving trains, transfer times and money : Interrail

Interrail no longer uses printed timetable booklets. They deliver anywhere in Europe for free. If it’s the former than I think I have a problem!

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