Infor EAM is a full web application – which means simpler access for end-users EAM Solutions can help you move from MP2 to Infor EAM – or any other system. MP2 is an easy-to-use maintenance software designed for any-size organization saving your plant as an enterprise asset management (EAM) system or a facilities asset management system (FAMS). MP2 is a registered trademark of Infor. Infor EAM MP2 Asset Management Software is the easy way to vastly improve your company’s asset performance for lower operational costs and increased.

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Infor EAM is a full web application – which means simpler access for end- users, and easier administration for your IT group.

Infor EAM is a fully web- designed application with multi- site and warehouse capability. Infor EAM lets you develop a real process for managing work orders and equipment lifecycle. You also get a full history eeam your repairable assets, from the point you evaluate what you need, through commissioning and maintenance, to the final end- of- life decision. To support your equipment and work order management, Infor EAM provides a full spare parts inventory, with automatic reorders and requisitions.

You can even track maintenance employee training and schedules.

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Contact EAM Solutions for more information about Esm EAM and our suite of professional services to help you develop a world- class maintenance organization. At the beginning of the 21 st Century, MP2 was the leading CMMS application in the world, but you may need to move to something more contemporary – and functional.


Our technical and functional consultants understand MP2 complexities, including table structures, custom reports, and even current system integration.

As a web- based product, you can quickly deploy Infor EAM eqm by releasing the website address to your end- users. Infor EAM can be installed on your servers, including the database, application, and add- on components.

You can also deploy Infor EAM from the Cloud, saving your team time and money, as well as a lot of headaches. Depending on your budget, or technical needs, Infor EAM can be installed at your company site, or you can access the system in the Cloud.

Infor EAM brings to you a robust and highly configurable work order management system, including the option for Mobile work lnfor on smart devices. From request to fulfillment, including preventive and predictive maintenance, this is the one system you need to create, plan, manage, and report on work at your facility.

Computer software should conform to how you do business, and not the other way around. You need to tell the system how you do business.

And all configuration changes are supported during upgrades and other events. Whether extra grid views or pm2 reports, or maybe a new style of work order or equipment type, you can build it in Infor EAM.

Infor EAM allows you unlimited repairable Asset records, and lets you organize them in System structures for reporting, cost roll- ups, and navigation. You can also track energy usage, runtime meters, warranties, and the full lifecycle history of all of your repairable assets.

Your base installation of Infor EAM is a complete package. You get all ewm the functions and processes you need to track the lifecycle of assets and work orders. Core maintenance and inventory moodules come standard. You get everything you need to manage maintenance without having to buy more add- ons and upgrades. Watch our quick video on Infor EAM!

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Infor EAM | Enterprise Asset Management Software | Infor

Aligning People, Equipment and Systems. You have options for deployment. Work orders are how you get maintenance done. Standard development tools in Infor EAM include: Custom report development through the Advanced Reports Author tool Configuration through the built- sam Screen Designer function Screen copies for new types of forms User defined forms and fields for new functions and options.

Email notification templates User defined dashboards on the Start Center List view exports to MS Excel for ad- hoc reports Revision control and e- signature options for electronic records User defined status and type codes on nearly every form.

Infor EAM works and plays well with other systems. With you purchase of Infor EAM licenses, you get: Equipment records, including asset structures, meters and warranties Work Requests and Work Orders PM Schedules, with Task Plans and Checklists Graphic calendars for planning and schedule work orders, employees, and spare parts Employee and Imfor Qualifications.

Suppliers and Manufacturer information Full spare parts inventory, including automatic reordering based on safety stock levels Requisitions, Quotes, and Purchase Orders Safety and Lock Out- Tag Out records Integration with your network logins.

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