Mediasonic HomeWorx HWPVR is a digital converter box which converts Over-The-Air TV broadcast to your TV, TV User Manual and QSG Download. I have aN HWPVR. I BOUGHT IT OFF CRAIGSLIST. IT has never been used. Having trouble finding instructions for it, I want to use it for. As I write this, the present date displayed on my HW PVR is 07/27/ (the date of this post is 01/28/) and the present time is

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It is a relatively fast tuner and is able to record TV hw-150pvt which is why I bought it. One issue I have had is that there is no capability to manually set the date and time.

As long as I do my math properly, the recorder still works fine. That is a bit complex and time consuming to do every time I want the PVR to record a show.

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I have read various complaints about h-150pvr different channels air the wrong time and how that has also posed a challenge for HW PVR customers. In my case, the information broadcast by the channels haven’t had any effect on the date and time of my unit my date and time variance is the same for all the channels – which I think is better than the alternative.


I believe the best mwnual would be for Mediasonic to enable us to add the date and time ourselves rather than having to contact local TV stations and ask them to make changes. Thank you VERY much!

For the record, the specs on my unit are: Reply with quote Re: Unfortunately, that didn’t help. Is there any chance that there will be a firmware update to allow users to manually update the date and time?

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My QAM feed is incorrect. Apparently mnaual time is depedent on whatever channel its currently tuned into? Is there a way I can find out what the time is according to each channel, so i can program it properly for each show? Also is there just one location where I can address all the quirks with the device? Apparently I may need a firmware update, where can I find the latest instructions for this?


As I understand it, they all stem from the fact that this box does not have its own clock so it’s totally dependent on obtaining the correct time mamual station broadcasts. Solving this would therefore require the box having its own clock to be set by the user and be independent of whatever the broadcasters are sending, or not sending. How about it, Mediasonic?


Is this doable, or would it require a major, and fundamental change to the hardware? And how serious is the problem?

Is it just due to a few sloppy stations, or is it widespread? Is it likely to get better or worse?

Homeworx HW-150PVR Manuals

Is the time based on the channel that the unit is currently tuned to? How often does the unit update its current time aka get a request for the time from the broadcasting station?

It would seem dangerous to me to rely on the time from the channels if they are indeed broadcasting different times because then the book wouldnt start recording at the right time. For example, if channel says its The channels here in atlanta all have the right time but I can see how relying on channel time is kind of dangerous. That being said a Real-time clock could be programmed into the firmware without having to add any new hardware or a battery.

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