Art Tips, Character Concept Art, Character Design, Character Reference, Character Ideas, Drawing Reference, Line Art, Drawing Sketches, Comic Book. Henry Christophe was a key leader in the Haitian Revolution and the only monarch of the On 26 March , Christophe created a kingdom in the North and was later proclaimed Henry I, King of Haïti. . of Cap Henry) were considered particularly comic by those unaware that they were actually derived from place names. ISBN: OCLC Number: Description: pages: chiefly illustrations ; 26 cm. Series Title: Historieta educativa.

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Bloggery-pokery by Matt Brooker, comic artist and cat botherer; because ev’ry day’s a holiday in the wacky world historietq comics! Tuesday, November 27, If you’d like to know a bit more, Pete Wells has kindly hosted a full step-by-step demo showing how the cover was done on his excellent AD Covers Uncovered blog.


[historieta]. – Google Books

Posted by Disraeli Demon at SaudadeProgSaudadetake-offwraparound. To the best of my knowledge, all these 111 first appeared in stories written by John Wagner; artists are credited below.

Armed with a hi-tech force field, formidable physical strength and historifta nasty alien hounds, Hag killed a number of judges in the pursuit of his human prey. Despite his name, there’s no indication as to whether Hag contains less caffeine that other comparable trappers.

Murd pops up again in flashback as the mentor of the necromancer Sabbat in the Judgement Day saga. Wednesday, November 07, Who’s Who?

Dirty Frank gets zapped in the last panel of Lowlife: Lowlife created by Rob Williams and Henry Flint. They’re all from early on in the history of the Dredd universe.

D’Blog of ‘Israeli: November

The Kleggs you already know, of course. The two humans aren’t anyone in particular – it’s the aliens we’re after.


Answers on Saturday morning. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Make your own badge here.

In-Depth Review Rotring Artpens: Introduction Breccia Part 1: Mort Cinder Breccia Part 2: El Eternauta to Lovecraft Breccia Part 3: Conclusion Alex Toth Belardinelli: About Me Disraeli Demon. The host of Aliens from the last episode of Lowlife:

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