I treat standards as a personal benchmark, that is all. I keep track of conditions ( gear/weather/etc) as well as scores and I don’t do them often. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until August 17th, . Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until February 13th, Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger.

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Picture hosting, Exclusive club forum, Premium recognition, and more website access are only a click away! Has anyone shot this course of fire before?

How would you rate it in terms satndards challenge? Here is Ben Stoeger doing the drill and shooting a cold perfect score with seeming ease.

He does acknowledge that somehow he didn’t video the weak hand pickup portion, but does stahdards that he shot it. I think that’s impressive shooting, but what does it say about the exercise? If its to easy for you then try it geared up, hell put a pro-mask on. I don’t know what watching someone else ace it means though. Like Reply 0 Likes. Hackatnorn not sure I said it was too easy, but let me re-read my post. Is it meant to be shot “geared up? Challenge relative to what?

Why don’t you shoot it and see if it is challenging for you? I treat standards as a personal benchmark, that is all.


I don’t care how other people do standardss them. Ken’s standards seem like a good set to me, but I’m no expert and I don’t use his. If i end up training with Ken before he retires then I might give them a go after that. The drill as designed has hqckathorn watered down. On the prone there is a combat roll between targets.

Also the targets are staggered in height. Not saying the “kiddie version” is less applicable, I believe the opposite is true. But if you modify the standards, then you can’t say you cleaned a drill you modified You cleaned the “insert your name here” standards.

Highest score to date: The two point standdards strings are a MF. SonOfLiberty No she’s not.

Keep in mind that that is Ben Stoeger Originally posted by tcush: Originally posted by M4Guru: One roll between the orsorry. Originally posted by SonOfLiberty: M4, this may sound like a dumb question, but I assume the roll is lateral and not forward, since it is from the prone position? How did you know I didn’t? I’ve not shot them end to end for score but I’ve broken them down and shot elements of it for reps.

Keebsley, As I was typing the question, I was thinking of that very scene, trying to not look like an asshole while both asking the question or performing the drill Thanks for keeping me honest on that one brother Originally posted by haxkathorn Believe me I’d like to.

Hackathorn Standards | Lightfighter Tactical Forum

I need to get some IPSC “metric” targets first. The point was asking folks how they rated it as a challenge. Originally posted by YK: English really isn’t my first language but when I read these questions Originally posted by Steven Beall: I view “The Hack” not as a training drill but as sstandards solid way to validate your range training and gauge progress over time.


It is easy to get hacathorn into tests and trying to score well on them. One could do alot worse than shooting these standards, recording the results, working on their weak skills, and reshooting later to evaluate progress. LittleLebowski Too much time on your hands.

Hackathorn Standards | Lightfighter Tactical Forum

That’s two different forums where two different people are bragging about Ben Stoeger for him. Why doesn’t he do it himself? Originally posted by LittleLebowski: Some interesting videos on the side of hackathirn page too Jeff22 Grizzled Posting Veteran. Membership Required We’re sorry. You must be signed in to continue. Sign In or Register. Manage Follow Preferences Loading Block When you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall.

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