Future Analysis. Branch Bundeswehr Planning Office has laid the basic concept for a web-based Geoengineering. Non-State Conflicts in Areas of Limited Statehoodt. Future Topics. Available in English. □. Geoengineering. □. Developments in Robotics due to Artificial. Climate Geoengineering Governance Working Paper Series: Published 50 Planungsamt der Bundeswehr (): Geoengineering.

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Future Analysis

You are on this page: The Bundeswehr Planning Office pools tasks, competences and responsibilities within the Bundeswehr planning network on a level subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Defense. It provides, inter alia, method skills and scientific tools for the Bundeswehr and develops the basis for the future orientation of the Bundeswehr.

In this context, Security-Related Future Analysis serves the purpose of acquiring knowledge in order to update conceptual specifications and aims on a scientific basis and at an early stage.

It provides ideas and concepts for the future orientation of the Bundeswehr in an open-ended way without being bound by instructions and thus constitutes a central element with regard to the establishment of targets.


The studies of the Future Analysis Branch are prepared in-house. In particular, they draw on knowledge from civilian scientific institutions as well as from different federal ministries in addition to the military expertise.

However, the results geoengineeging not coordinated with other ministries or research institutes and it is not intended to interfere with their responsibilities. The research papers of the Future Analysis Branch do not reflect official positions of the Federal Ministry of Defense.

Over the bundesweht few years, however, it has been coming back to the fore of public international attention. Today, Human Enhancement is generally understood as methods that serve to improve human performance capability.

This especially includes surgical interventions that do not serve therapeutic purposes. The state has lost its status of being the only actor in a war.

Already shortly after the end of the Cold War era, Somalia, Rwanda and former Yugoslavia clearly showed that non-state actors had become increasingly significant in terms of security policy. The concept “robot” elicits the most varied associations in humans.

Future Analysis

Some think of films such as “I Robot”2, others think of science fiction novels and Asimov’s rules see excerpt geonegineeringyet geoenngineering think of industrial robots while a fourth may think of their new lawn mower and some may think of modern wars with combat robots. We increasingly come across robots in every imaginable area – but how do we define robots today? People have tried for centuries to influ-ence the weather to their benefit, for example to create rain — be it by traditional rituals like rain dances or first technical tests with explosives in the 19th century.


The second part of the study deals with climate change and demography.

Planungsamt der Bundeswehr (2012): Geoengineering. Future Topic (German)

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