Deteksi Begomovirus pada Cabai Secara Cepat melalui Isolasi Genom DNA. Sri Sulandari(1*), Rusmilah Suseno(2). Keywords: Bayes segmentation; chili; Gemini virus; aerial photography. 1. . Faizah R. Karakterisasi beberapa genotipe cabai (Capsicum spp.) Manti I. Identifikasi Molekuler Begomovirus Penyebab Penyakit Kuning Keriting pada Tanaman. TrisnoJ, S.H. Hidayat, Jamsari, T. Habazar, I. MantiIdentifikasi Molekuler Begomovirus Penyebab Penyakit Kuning Keriting pada Tanaman Cabai ( Capsicum.

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Identification and characterization of Wheat dwarf virus from France using rapid method for geminivirus DNA preparation. Revised proposal for naming geminiviruses.

Geminiviruses and the plant cell cycle. Plant Molecular Biology Penggunaan primer universal dalam Polymerase chain reaction untuk mendeteksi virus gemini pada cabe.

Polymerase dabai reaction detection of viruliferuous Bemisia tabaci Homoptera: Aleyrodidae with two tomato infecting geminivirus. The emergence of whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses in tomato in western Hemisphere. Use of degenerate primers in the polymerase chain reaction to detect whitefly transmitted geminiviruses.


Tracing the geminiviruswhitefly transmission pathway by polymerase chain reaction in whitefly extract, saliva, hemolymph, and honeydew. Genetic diversity among geminiviruses associated with the weed padw Sida sp. Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in the Dominican Republic: Characterization of infectious clone, virus monitoring in whiteflies, and identification of reservoir hosts.

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paa A new geminivirus associated with a yellow leaf curl disease of pepper in Thailand. User Username Password Remember me. Article Tools Print this article. How to cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required.

Keywords Begomovirus Cabbai Nilaparvata lugens PCR banana biological control induced resistance jagung liquid smoke melon morfologi morphology musuh alami natural enemies obituari obituary parasitism resistance tomato virulence virulensi.

Padw Pepper yellow leaf culr disease has been widely spreading in Indonesia, especially in Special Province of Yogyakarta and Central Java since The disease is difficult to control because its fast spreading over in the field by the vector. To prevent epidemic of the disease, early detection method of the causal agent is needed.


Begomovirus – Wikipedia

The aim of the research was to detect the causal agent of the pepper yellow leaf curl disease by isolating the DNA genome. Using the Guanidine-alkaline method, two specific fragments of the DNA were produced approximately at bp and bp.

The method applied in this study is faster and easier for early detection of the Begomovirus in infected crop than detection by the Polymerase chain reaction PCR.

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