*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. this is a and PDF copy, This program reveals practical The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed. Download Venusian Arts -Revelation -Mystery & Lovedrop V Carlo Download Venusian Arts -Revelation -Mystery & Lovedrop V Carlo (1).doc Free in. 5 unborn client by-venusian arts revelation ebook revelation. Revelations pdf when free. Http: arts warhammer 40k fire warrior pc modbox error fix file free.

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You can order the ebook alone by clicking hereā€¦. They have just finished the latest version of Revelation and it contains several corrections from the previous version.

I contacted Venusian Arts and was able to get them evnusian send me a review revelattion of the ebook part of the product for evaluation. Immediately after buying Revelation, you will be able to download the Revelation ebook. It is by far the largest ebook I have ever downloaded in regards to size.

It is just over pages and is professionally put together. Within two weeks of ordering you will receive eight DVDs covering the best parts of the Revelation Seminars.


These seminars include Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop speaking. Revelation is put out by Venusian Arts.

The Revelation ebook is written by Lovedrop with contributions from Mystery and Matador. In the email that they sent me they made an attempt to clarify any confusions with the following statement:. The ebook weighs in at 12 chapters and just over pages.

There are some pictures but not an excessive amount. The text is not crammed onto each page. The design of the book involves a rustic aged paper look.

Venusian Arts Revelation Review

Each page is black text on a brownish tan background. On the edge of each page is the silhouette of what looks like a bean plant. You can click here to see example pages. Basically they took the classic Mystery material circa and evolved, tweaked and modernized it for the state of things in This means this book is a hell of a lot like the Venusian Arts Handbook yet a hell of a lot different too.


For example, the book starts out with the classic evolutionary backdrop that we have heard a million times before.

Venusian Arts Revelation Review

Rrevelation and replication value anyone? The book seems to throw away the highly structuralized M3 model of the past. In fact, the book only covers the actual pickup itself. The book also tries to steer past and underemphasize the classic Mystery components that have since gotten negative press such as peacocking, negging and the use of canned material. With the elimination or less emphasis of those negative components, they have introduced new components and additional emphasis on microcalibration, vibe, delivery, value, group theory and inner and outer game.

I think it addresses many of the changes that have come dree in the community since the Project Hollywood days. I do not like that they caved in reveltaion lowered the emphasis on peacocking, negging and canned material. I think all three of these are very important and any negative connotations surrounding them is due to misunderstanding or competing company propaganda.

I get a kick out of how a lot of the new components venusan those already explained and taught by Mehow. Later he left and started his own company. He taught a lot of the components of the traditional Mystery Method but supplemented them with his own new and expanded theories. The addition of microcalibration, value and group theory in this new book sure mimic those supplemented and expanded theories that Mehow has been talking about and teaching in the past year.

Some venusiwn consider this pricey and that is all subjective.


I thought it was quite standard for the amount of material involved. Mystery is basically the most notable, distinguishable, in-demand vnusian marketable guru there is so one can only expect to pay a premium for anything with his name associated with it. To be honest, I find venusiian price to be quite comparable to similar products by lesser known gurus.

As previously noted, I have not gotten a review copy of the DVDs and CDs and those are probably the biggest components in determining if this product is ultimately worth the money. There is a lot of drama surrounding Mystery. Some qrts it is simply propaganda and some of it is of merit. Maybe he is not as prolific as he once was or as continually innovative. The fact is that his ideas and concepts are the real deal and work.

I find that Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop are all very good speakers. I enjoy listening to them speak and find them captivating.

I find such selling analogies to be cliche overall, yet I can see their point in regards to Mystery. If you like this blog please take a second and subscribe to my rss feed. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Venusian Arts Revelation Review Tweet. If you like this blog please take a second and subscribe to my rss feed Tags: No comments, be the first to comment All the fields that are marked with REQ must be filled.

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