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It is possible to discover certain history of Istanbul as Cemetery of Architects proposes to open up to discussion the buildings of the period, some of which are destroyed nimarisi plans of urban transformation. This thorny plant which has fruits outside green, inside yellow; are being grown in Sille and being sold both in Turkey and abroad. Sille was called Sylata or Sylla in ancient times, had also some population in Roman period, according to the stone works of the ancient architecture of the city.

The story of this woman who has had a sad end is recreated through this performance video in the form of a lost legend of Istanbul history. These inscriptions visible at street level in these apartment buildings indicate the architect or architectural practice responsible for the project.

The traditional songs are still being performed by musicians. Helene who was the first Christian aristocrat, during her life, had tried to find the holy cross of Jesus, visited Jerusalem many times and built many churches on her way.

Turkish hegemony in Konya had caused the emigration of some non-muslims to places out of the city. What I do is to question the current power regimes through the irony of a museum. I have used such correspondence while recreating the museum emeni scratch. Clothes differ in use, some of them are for daily life and some of them are only for special events.


I have always been interested in the shared history of artists and naturalists. The multi-language aspect of the project is an important evidence of this. Ermeno provided an opportunity for the Armenian church which had developed under difficult political, cultural and religious conditions, leading to the construction of numerous monasteries and churches in the region.


This climate of friendship between Mevlevi dervishes and monks of the monastery had continued until the monastery have abandoned. Peace and prosperity prevailed in the region where Kars is situated during the 10th century and early 11th century. In his new life here Hammerschmidt came to be known as Etmeni. Who is an architect? Nearly two hundred artisans were being raised in Sille in last 70 years and Sille has become an important jug production and marketing area in the region.

Crusaders had arrived to the region and after a while they had occupied Konya and Sille.

ereni Sille was connected to Selcuklu District with its two neighborhoods in Jar, jug, flower pot, tile, brick and tandoor are some of the products manufactured in the factories called Karhane profit house. Kelimeler… Burada olan herkes mimar…. So the non-muslim population had become a little less after this. Ioannes Kinnamos specifies that Byzantine Army had burned down ermen suburbs of Konya.

Single, three or five hub motifs are being preffered according to the size of the carpet. Highlights from the show — of subjects ranging from transgendered people and members of disenfranchised religious and ethnic groups to wealthy women, identical twins, babies and long-haired beauties — are in the above slideshow.

Bu mezarda biraz ermeno de mmiarisi. Konya which is over the road from Istanbul to Jerusalem, had kept its importance and become a wayside station for the pilgrims of Jerusalem. Metin Sozen Town Factory, a mutual project of Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Cekul Foundation, is a unique place where the artisans are being raised and stone work is being perpetuated.

The functionality and aesthetic are both preferred in these clothes and accessories.

Kars Turkey

What kind of a collection would it have? Rug and Carpet textile industry is an important branch of Turkish handicrafts.

In the exhibition, we clearly see that in Istanbul in the 19th century typography and architectural decoration were designed within a larger stylistic concept of the building.

Using my own humble interest in natural history, I started to produce artworks.

Ermeni Mimarisi – VirtualANI – Başka Ermeni Yapıları

However intriguingly later in the Ottoman period in this same geography architects largely ceased to exist as individuals until the transformations brought on in the modern era. The museum itself turned entirely into a metaphor here. In historical bibliographies of Byzantium period, we can not read the name of Sille.


Clothes for special events for women are very smart and have a lot of accessories. Thus, architecture represented a lot more than professional activity.

Anahtar Kelimeler Ermeni, Taylar, Kilise, Kars, Mimari, Tarih Abstract Some of the settlements located within the boundaries of the current Province of Kars had become the capital of the Armenian Kingdoms that existed in Eastern Anatolia in the medieval period as vassals of great empires of that time.

Zither, lute and stringed instrument are in use in the region. Plague outbreak which happened in Konya in was one of these disasters. A plant called cehri is being used for coloring the carpets. Bela Horvath who visited Konya instates that there were summer houses with private churches owned by Greeks in the region and there were around sixty churches in the town.

Although there are different actors in these two periods there is a strange repetition of the history of the previous half-century in Erneni today. Today, rug and carpet production is still going on by the supports of Selcuklu Municipality with courses and special events, however it is less than the production in 19th century. Besides the carpets on the ground, prayer rugs, wall rugs and saddle blankets are also being producted in Sille.

Konya is one of the most important centers of this art in Anatolia. Ruins belonging to 8th-7th centuries B. My previous exhibitions have focused on different archives. Probably many of the emigrants, in this period, had gone to Sille which is very close to Konya. Today, generally identification and exhibition process is being done in Sille and also Selcuklu Municipality mimarlsi making great effort for keeping handicrafts alive.

We are familiar with the major architects of the period: In the classical age in the first century B. He has produced national and international art and archiving projects mimarrisi Daily clothes for women are more elegant and useful.

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