Transcript of Ep o Gilgamešu. Nastanek v Mezopotamiji med leti pred n. š. je najpomembnejše delo babilonsko-asirske književnosti. Ep o Gilgamešu has ratings and reviews. peiman-mir5 said: دوستانِ گرانقدر، سفارش Published by Mladinska knjiga (first published ). EP O GILGAMESU [na] on Paperback; Publisher: NARODNA KNJIGA BEOGRAD (); Language: Serbian; ASIN: B00IKEPRVK; Average.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Knjigaa saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Babylonian version has been known for over a century, but linguists are still deciphering new fragments in Akkadian and Sumerian.

Ep o Gilgamešu

For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. Published by Mladinska knjiga first published GilgameshEnkiduIshtarHumbabaUtnapishtim To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Do you think that gilgamesh is an epic hero? Smith – Why should I let school interrupt my education? His adventures where for his own benefit and not for the good of his people. What is this book about? The archeologist found it. They found that it predated homer and the bible, they found the Noah story on the clay tables with that chicken scratch line looking writing.

Archeologists discovered this doing the things you know archeologist do to discover things of the past. On it is the story of Gilgamesh. One could argue that the peoples of the past had unknowingly or knowingly stole from this original story adding it for their own embelishments and added it to their own regional history until believed fact. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. View all 5 comments. Are you mongrels ready to talk about Gilgamesh?

Okay, let’s talk about the king of heroes then! Embarrassingly enough, I myself only discovered Gilgamesh last year when I was teaching World History to a few of my students, and one of the lessons was about ancient civilizations. For a story that is considered to be a very old one–if not one of the oldest ever recorded in human history– The Epic of Gilgamesh sure retained a rather comfortable status of obscurity, mostly because we’re more incli Are you mongrels ready to talk about Gilgamesh?

For a story that is considered to be a very old one–if not one of the oldest ever recorded in human history– The Epic of Gilgamesh sure retained a rather comfortable status of obscurity, mostly because we’re more inclined to talk about the Egyptians, and the Romans and Greeks, mythology-wise. We know about Hercules, the gods and goddesses of Olympus, and Cleopatra, and cursed pharaohs and haunting mummies because they are basic Hollywood fodder– but we have yet to have anyone adapt the story of Gilgamesh on screen.

He indisputably brought sexy back, okay? It’s this version of the epic hero that has gotten me so intrigued, and so I decided to read the actual canon itself–by not reading it because I have other books scheduled. That’s what audiobooks are for, yo! With only four tracks, each running thirty-four minutes or so, my experiences for The Epic of Gilgamesh is nothing short of magical and hilarious!

I know what you’re thinking: But it’s translated from an ancient language so the prose has to be dry and droll and I don’t have time to read about it because I have my Fifty Shades and my other raunchy romance novels. Who wants to read about some dead king from Mesopotamia anyway?

I will say though that hearing someone else read me this epic is so much more satisfying. They also have awesome chemistry. A selling point I liked is that this epic is sort of a coming-of-age story too although Gilgamesh is probably in his mid-twenties to early thirties, I think but considering his arrogance and grand sense of entitlement, Gilgamesh acts like some teenage boy at times, and there is a lot of room for emotional maturity and development which does happen by the nearing end of this epic, so that’s nice.


Ungirdle your loins, ladies, if you’re into that sort of stuff like I am. Homoerotic subtext is to be had sometimes even hilariously at thatbut I’m also okay with the simple ‘guy love’ aspect shared by these two because it’s truly through Enkidu that Gilgamesh learned humility, heroic sacrifice, and the value of friendship. No one has grown as much as Gilgamesh has after a few instances of rude awakening and losses along the way.

He basically coveted immortality but achieved it by letting such false ambitions go because in return, he does become immortalized through this epic.

Potop (mitologija) – Wikipedia

It was only recently when the epic’s tablets were finalized for what is widely known as its canon. You see, there have been so many translations, considering there are a handful versions of the tablets where this story was taken from.

The audiobook recording I listened to has four tracks and they’re easy enough to digest. The narrator sounded like a grandfather sitting by your bedside and telling you stories, and he has a firmness to his voice and diction that would keep you interested.

I particularly enjoyed some offhand and colorful descriptions about the most banal things present in the narrative, and would jeer and make varied noises of approval and disgust; sometimes I’d even downright start talking over the narration when something catches my ear.

So it was pretty much an interactive experience for me. Here is a succinct summary of each track: The Bold and the Beautiful Gilgamesh is a sexy, strong and confident king of the pristine and majestic city of Uruk.

He’s also two-thirds divine and one-third mortal. His mother is a goddess named Ninsun whom he is in pretty close commune with for the first part of the taleand his father is a priest-king with magical abilities named Lugalbanda. Fiercely loved by his people and very much favored by other Sumerian gods, Gilgamesh is basically hot shit and comes from the most privileged background you can imagine. The problem with Gilgi is that he knows he’s hot shit and he’s not afraid to reap the benefits of that.

The story opens with pretty much how Jane Austen opens Emma –by describing the seemingly flawless qualities of the main character whom we all suppose to root for and sort of despise along the way as well. After listing down Gilgi’s positive qualities, the story then continues with the bitching and moaning of his subjects in Uruk, citing that a king should be a shepherd who guides his flock but Gilgi has been slacking off.

Not only is he not doing his job –he’s also being a terrible douchebag. He’s the Barney Stinson of the ancient world He essentially beats the crap out of any man who is capable of fighting him just to prove he’s a badass; and then sleeps with every woman he can get his hands on.

No nobleman’s wife or peasant’s daughter is safe. My personal favorite pastime of his is when he devirginizes brides on their honeymoon before their husbands even get a chance to lay with them.

But the people of Uruk decided that they have had it, and complained to the gods, “Yo, you made the damn fool, now go create his equal! There was only one problem with his creation–he’s a mindless beast who hangs around jungle animals because he believed he is one of yilgamesu. To solve this problem, someone sent a harlot named Shamat who apparently can turn any beast into a man by educating him in her “womanly arts” Even I did not see that coming. I love the passages where Shamat was instructed to fully immerse him in her womanly arts so he will forget his affinity with the jungle animals and recognize that he is a man who is bestowed with sexy times.

Shamat the harlot was very caring too, and helped Enkidu internalize his consciousness as a human being. This fully registers when he catches wind about a proud king in Uruk gigamesu is very powerful and unbeatable. Enkidu was understandably curious and intrigued to know more about this king, and Shamat encouraged him to confront said dude since Enkidu gilgamedu that he wanted to meet Gilgamesh because he wants to fight him–but, more than anything, he was also seeking a friend. And as kismet would have it, Enkidu meets Gilgamesh; Gilgamesh who was just about to enter a hut to sexy-times a virgin bride.


Enkidu literally puts a foot between Gilgi and the hut he is about to enter and the deity-king was not pleased to be interrupted.

Enkidu who is shacking up with a harlot hey, it’s monogamous! So a fight ensued where they beat each other to a pulp. And then they kissed and became BFFs.

This was a momentous meeting, according to Mommy Ninsun and she is happy to adopt Enkidu as her son. To further bro-it up with Enkidu, Gilgamesh suggests that they go the Cedar Forest to defeat and kill Humbaba, a monstrous demigod.

The elders and his advisors were not happy and a collective face-palm ensued when Gilgi was undeterred and even asked for Mommy Ninsun’s blessing for the journey. She gave it, and tasked Enkidu to protect her darling child at all times. The sun-god Shamash accompanies them too as some deus-ex-machina insurance or something. And the bromance commences! The Young and the Restless The travel buddies spend most of their time hiking the woods and sleeping. Gilgamesh received a total of five ominous dreams which provided symbolic imagery that hint to the deadliness of Humbaba.

Ep o Gilgamešu

He was legitimately scared for the first time in his life but Enkidu was chill and dismisses the dreams. He reassures his friend that if there is terror in his heart, he should get rid of it. Self-doubt will defeat him and backing out from a fight will not give him peace. So Gilgi pushes on and confronts said Humbaba who is borne of the mountain and never had parents to raise him. The gist that I got from their trash talk is basically Humbaba stressing that being a strong force of nature is all that he is and that Gilgamesh has other things going for him so he should just leave Humbaba alone.

For a while Gilgamesh looked like he was going to cave but right before that, Humbaba was insulting Enkidu and claimed he will disembowel Gilgi and feed him to the birds if they don’t go away. It angered Enkidu who always had this streak of self-righteousness to him, and demanded that Gilgi should kill the bastard.

Gilgi obliged right after their other companion Shamash captured Humbaba so he won’t escape. So they killed knjigs, chopped down some big tree and fashioned it into a raft, and then the BFFs started to ride through the Euphrates river to get home, taking Humbaba’s decapitated head with them. Some time during the journey, Gilgamesh was cleaning himself in the river and because he is sex on a stick now naked and wet, the goddess of desire Ishtar took notice of him and offered him grand things including herself if he accepts gilgaamesu proposal to be her new husband.

Flattered as he may be, Gilgi spurned her advances anyway and listed the reasons why he ain’t tapping gilyamesu fine ass and I assume to the sound of Enkidu beat-boxing because, maaaan, he really let her down hard. He not only went into detail about her past lovers who all met cruel fates by her hand, he also began to describe who she is as a goddess, woman and lover with this passage: I have a feeling that mommy dearest Ninsun had warned Gilgamesh in advance not to fall for Ishtar, and knuiga probably explained to him exactly why, hence his recital of all those on-point soul-crushing truth nuggets about said goddess of desire.

In the audiobook I listened to, I preferred the translation, “You are the sandal that trips the wearer”. I can’t help but giggle at such a light-hearted insult. Gilgamesh’s point is simply that she is too proud and vengeful to warrant his affection and loyalty, and he’s got better options waiting for him hell, he can have a pick of the virgins in his kingdom and that also includes bromancing it up with Enkidu which he would rather do anyway.

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