Enfermedad de Gaucher: tratamiento enzimático sustitutivo iniciado en la edad pediátrica. Experiencia de 20 años. Article in Anales de Pediatría 84(6). Experiencia en el tratamiento de Enfermedad de Gaucher con Imiglucerasa en el departamento de Hemato-Oncología Pediátrica del Hospital de Clínicas. pediatra sobre la prevención de la enfermedad cardiovascular del enfermedad con el desarrollo, en la adolescencia y en la . Enf. de Gaucher. – Enf. de Tay-.

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Tamoxifen treatment induces protection in murine cysticercosis. Tatuajes y perforaciones en adolescentes. Temporal development of genetic and metabolic effects of biotin deprivation.

Kathia Valverde Muñoz – Pediatrics, Pediatric Hematology – Metropolitano Hospital

A search for the optimum time to study a vitamin deficiency. Terapia de reemplazo enfer,edad en una paciente con enfermedad de Gaucher tipo III.


Testicular torsion and its effects on the spermatogenic cycle in the contralateral testis of the rat. Testosterone, androstenedione, and 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone on male sexual behavior enfermedadd penile spines in the hamster.

Tetralogia de Fallot, incidencia de las complicaciones post-operatorias: The administration of food supplemented with cocoa powder during nutritional recovery reduces damage caused by oxidative stress in rat brain.

The autonomic condition of children with congenital hypothyroidism as indicated fe the analysis of heart rate variability. The effect of nordihydroguaiaretic acid on iodoacetate-induced toxicity in cultured neurons.

The face of female dominance: Women with dominant faces have lower cortisol. The hexokinase gene family in the zebrafish: The invasive potential of Giardia intestinalis in an in vivo model. The maintenance of hippocampal pyramidal neuron populations is dependent on the modulation of specific cell cycle regulators by thyroid hormones.

Enfermedad de Gaucher by diana cedeño perez on Prezi

The mossy fiber system of the hippocampal formation is decreased by chronic and postnatal but not by prenatal protein malnutrition in rats. The nuclear receptor FXR, but not Enferemdad, up-regulates bile acid transporter expression in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


The oxidative fermentation of ethanol in Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus is a two-step pathway catalyzed by a single enzyme: The rostral migratory stream is a neurogenic niche that predominantly engenders periglomerular cells: Mendoza Torreblanca, Julieta Griselda.

The stability of G6PD is affected by mutations with different clinical phenotypes.

The transition metals copper and iron in neurodegenerative diseases. De la Mora De la Mora Ignacio.

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