Specifications. Dell Latitude E (Latitude E Series) Weight. kg (= oz / pounds), Power Supply: g. hours of battery life1 on the E with the combination of our standard 9-cell battery, new high- . Starting weight with 4-cell battery is lbs/kg Find out more on Dell Latitude E specifications on PC World.

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Review Dell Latitude E Notebook – Reviews

Top-notch security and durability; Eye-catching design; Long endurance with nine-cell battery; Can charge gadgets via USB with system off; Intuitive ControlPoint software. Dell’s successor to the D series packs plenty of power and endurance in an eye-catching and durable new design.

The Dell Latitude E, the update to the Dpacks in all the essentials needed to keep road warriors productive on the go: Factor in the revamped design, which replaces its predecessor’s stodgy aesthetic for one that’s much more streamlined and visually appealing, and you have an excellent notebook for demanding business users.

The e64000 body gives the machine a sturdy feel, as do the large, silver hinges.

Above the screen is a 0. The keyboard makes for an excellent typing experience; the firm, yet springy keys virtually jumped up to meet our fingers after we pressed them. Located between the G and H keys is a responsive pointing stick that’s a fine alternative to the relatively small touchpad.

Dedicated buttons for raising, lowering, and muting the volume rest above the keyboard. Crisp sound poured out of the stereo speakers that flank the keyboard, which only slightly compresses the keyboard layout.


The system’s perimeter contains numerous ports and outlets for hooking up gear: The uppermost USB port on the left side of the unit is the most intriguing: Taking a cue from Toshiba’s Sleep and Charge technology, Dell’s USB PowerShare lets users charge their gadgets through this special port which is designated by a lightning bolt symbol next to the traditional USB symboleven when the computer is turned off.

Under the hood of our Dell Latitude E was a 2. That’s almost points higher than the thin-and-light average, but about spefs less than the Lenovo ThinkPad SL, which has the same processor but discrete Nvidia graphics as opposed to the E’s integrated Intel graphics.

We were able to work within Google Docs, chat with colleagues in Meebo, listen to MP3s, sspecs run a virus scan without seeing a performance hit. We’ve come to expect slow boot times from Vista-based systems, but the Latitude E wasn’t bad: It took 53 seconds to gain control of the OS after hitting the power button. Many other notebooks take a minute or longer.

Dell includes a 5,rpm GB hard drive that’s protected by Strike Zone technology for storing documents, photos, music, and video. Transferring a 5GB file of mixed media took a swift 3 minutes and 18 seconds, or a rate of Copying the same files to another folder on the drive took 4 minutes and 35 seconds, or The E notched a score of in our 3DMark06 test, more than points less than the thin-and-light notebook average 1,but that’s to be expected of a system with integrated graphics.


Dell Latitude E6400 Review

Despite the low F. Our review unit came with an unremarkable Nevertheless, we were able to surf the Web at a fairly speedy clip; we loaded CNN’s content-heavy main page in 5.

The system also includes Dell’s Wi-Fi Catcher, which sniffs for available spfcs even when the notebook is powered down.

The security-conscious will be pleased to learn that the Dell Latitude E features a contactless Smart Card reader, TPM, an optional biometric fingerprint reader, and Intel’s vPro technology.

Data can also be kept from prying eyes through the use of remote data deletion and certified data destruction. New Dell ControlPoint software provides a single access point that apecs users configure the notebook as they see fit. With a single hot key combination, users can access power management, displays and devices, connections, security, and system information.

Dell Latitude E Details, Specs and Pricing

And thanks to Dell’s redesign, this is one e66400 business notebook you’ll want to be seen carrying. Power users will want to upgrade to discrete graphics, and we wish the touchpad were bigger, but overall the E is an very good choice. Review The Dell Latitude E, the update to the Dpacks in all the essentials needed to keep road warriors productive on the go: Email Name Comment Firstname. November 27th, at 5:

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