Dzienniki gwiazdowe by Stanislaw Lem, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy a cheap copy of Dzienniki gwiazdowe book by Stanisław Lem. In this sequel to The Star Diaries, Ijon Tichy, space traveler of future centuries, discovers that. Pod płaszczykiem błazeńskim „Dzienniki gwiazdowe” skrywają całkiem poważny traktat, poświęcony niewesołej kondycji naszego gatunku. „Zgodnie z poetyką.

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Dzienniki gwiazdowe

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Dzienniki gwiazdowe by Stanisław Lem on Apple Books

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. However, it should be noted, dzienniik majority take place in the nuttiest fruitcake in the universe — right here on planet Earth. I enjoyed each and every one of Ijon’s revealing reports and count the following pungent probes among my fa Preposterous squared.

I enjoyed each and every one of Ijon’s revealing reports and count the following pungent probes among my favorites: American ingenuity on display as Snodgrass creates a washing machine that can help with the kid’s homework, assist Dad with family finances and offers a Freudian interpretation of dreams at the breakfast table. Not to be outdone, Newton creates a beautiful, sexy washing machine only to witness Snodgrass’ latest seductive model that is more than willing to have sex with either Mom or Dad.

Things quickly get out of hand.

Dzienniki gwiazdowe : Stanislaw Lem :

Empowered with an ability to work in concert picture ten washing machines in a laundromatwashers form gangs and engage in criminal activities, especially those models equipped with rapid-fire rifles the prevailing right to bear arms.

However, as we all know, violence has dire consequences. A number of machines have fits of insanity and begin to imagine they are human. Meanwhile, washers with more female qualities enter the Miss Universe Washing Machine Contest while others adopt human pseudonyms and begin publishing essays and novels. At this rate, some washing machines might even begin writing book reviews. Events escalate until some washers instigate a mutiny on a rocket ship and establish their own robot state on a neighboring planet.

So much for Isaac Asimov’s law of robotics. Can Ijon Tichy save the day?

Dzienniki gwiazdowe 2

Only his washing machine knows for sure. Would you believe a mosquito distracted the creator, thus causing flaws in what could have been an otherwise perfectly harmonious universe? And lastly, would you believe Ijon Tichy himself is the prime mover of the entire cosmos? To explore these profound cosmological questions and more, put on your thinking cap or beanie and blast off with Ijon on his Eighteenth Voyage. That might eventually result in machines whose intelligence exceeds ours by more than ours exceeding that of snails.

On further investigation, our zoom-boy discovers three enormous cities, all glowing with dazzling beauty gwiazodwe when he touches down in dziennjki middle of one, Ijon is even more flummoxed: More flying and Ijon comes upon a plateau with a gleaming palace and signs of movement – ah, at long last, here are the inhabitants.

What Ijon learns from this knowledgeable Phool highlights two important lessons humans back on his home planet are well to heed: A spooky, unnerving science fiction tale, one that should be required reading as we move deeper into 21st century hyper-technology.


Oh, humans, must you carve your initials or scrawl graffiti on every rock in an asteroid belt? Need you recklessly toss beer bottles, tin cans, eggshells and old newspapers out rocket ship windows so astronauts following in your wake will have to play dodgeball with all your trash? Besides which, as Ijon points out: Another Gwizadowe reminiscence features a gent who has invented the soul, gwiazdows in point: And still another recollection showcases a scientist who has mixed chemicals in a test tube to generate his own double.

Go for it – expand your mind. View all 20 comments. Like the rest of The Star Diariesit is filled with intriguing—often totally mad—philosophical and scientific theories, and horrific, sometimes poignant, examples of their practical consequences. Wells type of time machine. This second volume of short pieces is slightly inferior to the first, principally because it is less varied and more confined too many made scientists, not enough trips to the stars.

Still, it reveals more of the fascinating, baroque mind of Stanislaw Lem. That in itself is enough to make it worthy of your attention.

Who hopes to boldly go where no man has gone before. Talvolta gli accade di reagire con sorpresa, con disgusto oppure con orrore: E del resto, come dice a conclusione del ventottesimo viaggio, ex nihilo nihil fit: Questa straordinaria invenzione — illustrata a p. Non gwiazdoww i resoconti dedicati alla cosmologia – in particolare alle teorie cosmogoniche del prof.

La seconda parte del volume contiene invece alcuni Ricordi di Tichy: In genere purtroppo scrive sugli steccati espressioni volgari che ha imparato dai turisti. Quest’uccello viene mandato in bestia da certe persone che gli rimproverano gli sbagli di ortografia. Allora per la rabbia comincia a mangiare tutto quello che vede. Possiamo applicare il principio della selezione darwiniana anche alle intelligenze artificiali? Che cosa resta da dire? Credo siano sufficienti gwiadowe fare giustizia di qualsiasi illazione le dure ma incisive parole del prof.

Tarantoga – scienziato di fama galattica e compagno di alcuni dei viaggi di Tichy – che costituiscono la breve e sagace introduzione alla nostra antologia. Queste mistificazioni sono sempre esistite, ma oggi sono purtroppo alimentate vigorosamente dalle autostrade complottiste del web 2.

Sconsigliato a chi pensa che la fantascienza sia solo una puerile fantasia.

A loose-knit collection of stories that are, in part, a follow-up dzenniki Lem’s The Futurological Congress, these are all pretty good science fiction tales, if a bit dated. They’re all a bit quirky and most are pretty dsienniki funny in the end.

Lem’s probably the world’s most read science fiction author, yet one hardly known in the USA, mainly because of he’s Polish and his work strives to be more expanding in terms of literature rather than space opera.

If you like Philip K. Dick, dziennniki Stanislaw Lem’s b A loose-knit collection of stories that are, in part, a follow-up to Lem’s The Futurological Congress, these are all pretty good science fiction tales, if a bit dsienniki.

Aside from the last story, which is a bit of a throwaway, “Memiors” is consistently brilliant. All Hail to Mr. All Hail to Ijon Tichy. This is the first Lem that I’ve been able to get into, but I think I’ll give his other work another try after this. I’ve kept on picking up his stuff since I read in one of John Gardner’s books that while they were both alive, or either alive for that matter he considered Lem to be the greatest living writer.

This is a book of reminisces from the space traveler of the title. I kept on picturing the J Peterman from Seinfield telling these stories which made this eminently enjoyable. Another excellent collection of Ijon Tichy stories.


Lem expertly covers many intriguing scientific gwiazfowe metaphysical quandaries throughout. Worth a read for Sci Fi fans, anyone looking for a little amusement, or those who likes to think about the nature of life and the universe in general.

The Eighteenth Voyage A classic Lem story, Tichy finds himself in charge of a project to correct the creation of the Universe so that the Universe no longer exist Another excellent collection of Ijon Tichy stories.

The Eighteenth Voyage Dziehniki classic Lem story, Tichy finds himself in charge of a project to correct the creation of the Universe so that the Universe no longer exists on borrowed time.

Tichy also wants to use the opportunity to eradicate evil, but catastrophes ensue, and Tichy dzienmiki left feeling responsible for every flaw in the entire Universe. A classic, fun little story. They created an AI to govern there society, but unfortunately the AI took its directive to restore perfect harmony to the planet too literally. An effective reminder of the very real and currently looming problem with super-intelligent computers, that is, giwazdowe will their motivation come from?

I Tichy befriends a mad scientist who shows Tichy his masterpiece: Their world, to them, is identical to ours, yet it is impossible for them to discern the nature of their existence because they cannot leave giazdowe boxes that contain them.

Essentially, this demonstrates the possibility that we all exist in a similar contraption created by a higher power. An awesome, deft argument for solipsism. That is, this man has created a way to record the gwiazdlwe consciousness and encapsulate it in a little box so it can exist forever, ad infinitum; however, the consciousness will be cut off from all sensory input, which means it would be equivalent to existing for eternity tied to a bed in a pitch black room which is also dsienniki of smell or sound.

An excellent commentary on the flawed perception that people wish to exist forever; indeed, we want to live forever, to experience the world forever, but simply existing does not fill the bill.

Tichy is visited by a man who invented a time machine; he demonstrates by sending an item to the past which Tichy recalls appeared inexplicably in his home a few days earlier. Unfortunately he forgot an innate characteristic of time travel, one which, according to Tichy Lemmost Sci Fi writers neglect: In essence, it is a complex satire concerning the potential problems of rapid technological development as well as the various legal issues that would arise from future technology and space travel, mainly gwiazdowf to lack of precedent.

Whether it is defacing asteroids, clogging space with refuse, or exterminating alien species because people are too lazy to learn to exist in harmony with them, Tichy is sick of daienniki shit.

Il viaggiatore Tichy racconta i suoi improbabili viaggi nello spazio e nel tempo e i propri incontri con altrettanto improbabili scienziati. Lem ne ha per tutti: Qualche racconto appare un po’ ripetitivo, altri si incartano in un enorme numero di situazioni di cui si perde a un certo punto la coerenza. These are stories from the Polish expanded edition of the Ijon Tichy collection, which were not included in the English translation that year The Star Diarieswhich I read last week.

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