Dynesys system (Zimmer Spine, Warsaw, IN) is composed of two titanium pedicle screws connected by a cylindrical polycarbonate urethane. Conquest Hospital. Hastings, United Kingdom. Dynesys® and Dynamic Neutralization® are trademark of Zimmer GmbH. Dynesys® is developed in partnership. The Dynesys® Dynamic Stabilization System (Zimmer Inc., Warsaw, IN, USA) is one of the most frequently used posterior dynamic stabilization.

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Patient demographics and baseline characteristics are shown in Table 1. Because our study was retrospective and the records of patients were anonymized and de-identified prior to analysis, so we did not have consent from the participants. In addition, when used as a pedicle screw fixation system, the Dynesys Spinal System is indicated for use in patients:. Received Jul 14; Accepted Jan The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Many clinical studies performed over the past decade have reported positive outcomes in patients with lumbar degenerative disease treated with the Dynesys system [ 45 ]. J Korean Neurosurg Soc The constructs, polycarbonate-urethane spacers, and tension cords were assembled according to technical suggestions provided by the manufacturer.

These patients should be informed of this increased risk and counselled to discontinue tobacco use prior to and immediately after surgery.

Zimmer Dynesys (Implant 384)

J Spinal Disord Tech Clinical and radiographic evaluations All patients received postoperative clinical and radiographic examinations at 3 months, 1 year, and then every year afterward.

Data Availability All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. The results of improvement differences from baseline pre-op to each follow-up within each group were assessed using the Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-ranks test. However, the Dynesys PCU spacer resists compression during extension and thereby maintains foraminal height and decreases load to the posterior annulus.

Zimmer Dynesys (Implant ) –

Standard laminectomies or extensive decompression was also performed cautiously according to the severity of lumbar degenerative disease. It has also been argued that using pedicle-based dynamic devices can promote better fusion because of micromovements across endplates, and can protect from implant failure because of better load sharing through the implant.


At the final follow-up, the Oswestry disability index and visual analogue scale score were dynewys improved in both zimker. Refer to the respective surgical techniques to determine which instruments should be used for each step of the surgical procedure.

Dynesys Top-Loading Spinal System Offers a top-loading, cannulated dyneesys option Standard and HA coated screws available in all sizes Allows for a less invasive paraspinal approach Uses unique instrumentation for direct implantation of the cord and spacer. The safety and dynnesys of this device has not been established for the intended use of spinal stabilization without fusion.

Improper selection, placement, positioning, and fixation of the implant components may result in unusual stress conditions reducing the service life of the implants. Proper patient selection will greatly affect the results. Some of the information you will see may pertain to products that are not currently licensed for sale in United States.

Fifty patients who underwent PLIF with the same disease at the same stage were retrospectively matched as a control group. Zimmer Biomet Spine, Inc.

Published online Jan There have been few studies comparing the clinical and radiographic outcomes between the Dynesys dynamic stabilization system and posterior lumbar interbody fusion PLIF. Spinal fusion results in increased stress in the adjacent segments and subsequent hypermobility, which may leads to adjacent segment disease[ 1011 ].

Results Mean patient age, gender, and follow-up time were similar between groups. Benefits of the Dynamic Stabilization Systems 1. Of 96 patients with lumbar degenerative disease included in this retrospectively analysis, 46 were treated with the Dynesys system and 50 underwent PLIF from July to March Table 2 Clinical outcomes of the two groups.

The complications were comparable between the two groups. Complications and Possible Adverse Events.

Dynesys® Dynamic Stabilization Product Family (LIS, Top-Loading, & Zimmer® DTO®)

Adjacent segment disease after spinal fusion has drawn considerable attention over the past dynssys decades. Find A Sales Associate. Implants are for single use only. Methods Of 96 patients with lumbar degenerative disease included in this retrospectively analysis, 46 were treated with the Dynesys system and 50 underwent PLIF from July to March One iatrogenic dural tear occurred intraoperatively in the Dynesys group and two in the PLIF group, which were all managed without further complications.


In addition to the above specified warnings and precautions, general surgical risks should be explained to the patient prior to surgery. The cord engages and acts as a tension band Overall flexion is limited. Flexion When the patient bends backward: Radiographic outcomes included segmental ROM and the disc height of the stabilized segments and upper adjacent segments.

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Each radiograph was dynesus and analyzed independently by two experienced spine surgeons to minimize human error. The study protocol was approved by the Institutional Review Board of our hospital. Standard laminectomies were performed cautiously to preserve the facet joints. All radiographic outcomes are presented in Table 3.

The Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization System combines the surgical approach of traditional spinal fusion with the philosophy of dynamic stabilization, using flexible materials to stabilize the spine while preserving anatomical structures. The system is placed under tension creating a dynamic interaction between the components.

Dynesys – SPINEMarketGroup

The safety and effectiveness of the Dynesys Spinal System and the Zimmer DTO Implant have not been established for spinal indications beyond those stated in the Indications section. Spine Phila Pa Original data of this study.

Dyynesys was one case of superficial wound infection in the Dynesys group and three in the PLIF group, which were treated by conservative therapy. Therefore, the aim of this retrospective study was to compare the clinical and radiographic outcomes of the Dynesys system to those of PLIF for the treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease in a Chinese population.

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