likes. – Student Effort is Required. DynaNotes streamlined science TEKS student course notes for grade 5, grade 8, and biology ?. Student Progress Inspires It. DynaNotes tools are designed DynaNotes streamlined science TEKS student course notes for grade 5, grade 8, and biology ?. PDF & Print Permissions, Grade 8 Science Streamlined SCNs $ Biology EOC Streamlined SCNs Booklet $ PDF & Print Permissions, Biology EOC.

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Two teachers and students at a Texas middle school used the DynaNotes Plus app for Grade 8 Social Studies alongside their current lesson plans for just 14 weeks leading up to the STAAR test recommended use is year-round. Statewide, performance improved dynanotee. Afterwards, students bioloogy educators shared these thoughts:.

Students would stop by my office to share apps they were using and the majority of them always showed me something they were learning from Dynanotes Plus!

How do site licenses work? What kinds of devices can access digital DynaNotes content? How much does a digital DynaNotes site license cost?

Can I buy just one subject or grade level? Will devices receive free updates?

Legacy Biology Student Course Notes Booklet

How biologgy I add or delete a link? Is usage data available? How can I erase all the notes? How can I delete users or reset user passwords?

Why dynanotex my login credentials working? After I leave a third-party website link that played a video, the audio keeps playing. How can I stop it? My app closed on me or will not open properly. What can I do? Any combination of eligible devices used by students, teachers, and administrators at the licensed campus can be set up with app access or utilize the web access.

If login credentials are used on non-eligible devices, access for all users is suspended and new login dynanptes are issued see terms and conditions. Then, enter the login credentials once on each device to unlock licensed notes. Your device is now ready for password-free student use.

If desired, unlock multi-user functionality for shared devicesso that students can password-protect their personal notes. For web browser access e. Licenses expire each year on July 31st, cutting off access to all notes. Renew your DynaNotes subscription before it expires for a seamless transition. If your subscription expires and then you re-subscribe, you will have to enter new login credentials into each device one-time process.

The good news is that all app users and notes will remain intact when access is restored. Submit this brief questionnaire with your order for faster processing. The same app login and multi-user credentials can be used across any mix of eligible devices. Web access requires only an HTML-5 compatible web browser from any computing device, such as a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Web access offers the same functionality as the app except for note-taking. You can create an eQuote or we will be happy to create one for you. We will check that your DynaNotes subscription is current and create a custom eQuote for you. Only site-wide digital subscribers qualify for discounted printed materials single subject subscribers do not qualify. DynaNotes digital subscriptions have been priced with the knowledge that most campuses are keen to use a subset of our biolofy, such as dynanites the math notes.

The good news is that, through a site license, your students will see they have access to all the notes, even in classes where teachers may not be emphasizing their utility. As students see how helpful the notes are in one class, many will begin using the other subjects’ notes to help them complete assignments or study for their other core classes. While site-wide licenses provide the most bang for the buck and included special discounts, single subject licenses are now also available.


Multi-year licenses can also be quoted. Call to discuss your needs. Yes, a password-protected, narrated teacher training presentation in six parts is available for customers below. To gain access, call or email appsupport dynanotes. Getting together in small groups to “play” with DynaNotes Plus on your own tablets, especially bioloty conjunction with other apps your school or district has provided, is an excellent idea, too.

Legacy Biology Student Course Notes Booklet

Updates, such as enhanced app features, will be delivered for free biiology the Apple App Store or through notification within the app on your Android device or Windows device using Android emulator software. Please accept all DynaNotes Plus updates.

Brand new course notes sets, such as those caused by a change in the state’s curriculum, will be added to the app’s menu and to the web access menu as soon as the new materials are published. If the subject is within the scope of your site’s license, then the site’s devices will gain access. The immediate thing you can do is email the link to your students so that they can copy and paste it into a text note for that section if they have note-taking functionality via the app on iPads or Android devices.

DynaNotes ­ App Support | Tools for Explosive Learning | DynaStudy, Inc.

You may also want to fill out the app support form to recommend the link to the DynaNotes Plus development and support team. Please be sure to describe the subject and section in addition to the web address.

Please note, however, that links may not be added for a variety of reasons. The content may be suitable, but permissions issues may exist, for example.

If the link is added, it will be included the next time you “hard close” DynaNotes Plus and then open it again if connected to Wi-Fi. It will immediately be rynanotes via web-based access. If you wish to recommend or request that DynaStudy delete a link from DynaNotes Plusfill out the app bioloogy form above. Please be sure to describe the guide and section in addition to the web address.

If a link is deleted, it will be eliminated the next time you “hard close” DynaNotes Plus dynanote then open it again if connected to Wi-Fi. It will immediately be unavailable via web-based access.

Yes, aggregate usage data is available from DynaStudy by email request to appreporting dynanotes. From a device in multi-user mode, usage data can also be dnyanotes via the administrator login behind the gear icon. In addition to deleting each note, one-by-one, there are two ways to delete all the notes. You can delete users if in multi-user mode or delete the app from the machine and reinstall it. If the app is deleted, the login credentials will have to be re-entered one-time process.

Use the administrator login code behind the gear icon on the app’s home page to access password-protected users. From here you can change passwords, delete users, and view app usage time for each user.


Do not provide the admin code to students. Then, confirm you have a good Wi-Fi connection can visit other websites. Next, be sure you enter the user name and password with no extra spaces; both are case sensitive.

If you get an error page when attempting web access, close your browser, test another website, and try again. To stop streaming audio, hit the home button on your iPad. Then simply tap the icon for DynaNotes Plus and you will be returned to the page you last viewed. Should this happen to you, please follow these troubleshooting steps until the problem is resolved: Be sure you have upgraded your operating system. Be sure you have updated to the latest version of DynaNotes Plus.

Fully dynanotrs the app and reopen it. If you have continuing problems, you may be having connectivity issues which would be resolved by using the app with Wi-Fi OFF or from a different location. Please let us know using the app support form if these steps do not address your needs. See how digital DynaNotes and the DynaNotes Plus app support explicit instruction, differentiated instruction, inquiry-based learning, flipped learning, and more.

Customers can now enjoy the benefit of viewing training presentations at their own pace. Be biilogy to view all six parts in slide show mode and click the speaker icon to hear niology narration. You can register your completion at appsupport dynanotes. Report copyright violations of DynaNotes materials.

Good-bye hardware barriers — if you can get to the web, you can access your digital DynaNotes. Each image and caption below reveals key features of the DynaNotes Dynanote app for iPads or Android devices and digital DynaNotes web access:. Teachers can get a lot of use from just a few devices in a classroom, too. Student groups can add their own ideas and work to the section as they move through the center.

Each subject’s course notes are designed using well-researched features: Students can record clarifications, more details or examples, questions, mnemonics, first language support, and even website addresses. Students can capture teacher’s exemplars, student work homework, projects, labs, corrected workscreen images of another tablet or djnanotes screen related content found online”real world” images, etc. When students know they can capture the teacher’s slide, they can focus on the explicit instruction instead of trying to write down a copy of its contents.

Extensive photo notes transform the DynaNotes student course notes into a student’s personal course journal. With the organizational structure and DynaNotes content foundation, every student’s journal can be “easy and awesome. DynaNotes Grade 5 Science, “Physical Properties” section, with teacher’s exemplar and student’s “real world” image example.

DynaNotes Grade 5 Science, “Changes in State” section, with photo note of student’s folded paper project. Grade 8 Social Studies, “Election of Dynanoets section, with photo of computer screen showing image of an Andrew Jackson campaign poster found online. DynaNotes Biology, “Role of Microorganisms” section, with two “real world” images connected by the student.

Helpful files and third-party links are also provided for select sections, especially science, social studies, and math courses. These can be used as assignments, extension, or, in some cases, to flip a lesson.

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