Philips Hard disk/DVD recorder DVDRH GB. DVDRH/ DVDRH/37 User manual · Quick start guide. + More Manuals and Documentation. Philips Hard disk/DVD recorder DVDRH GB. DVDRH/ DVDRH/ Product support Manuals and documentation · Leaflet · User manual. Philips DVDRH/37B Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information – dvdrh-user-manual-4f3cpdf.

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Complete and return your Product Registration Card at once, or register online at www. Do not use this apparatus near water.

Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by US patents.

Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision. Dvdf3455h engineering or disassembly is prohibited. Do not open the device. You run the risk of getting an electric shock.

The machine does not contain any user-serviceable parts. Please leave all maintenance work to qualifi ed personnel. Setup precautions Finding a suitable location — Introduction This recorder has a built-in hard disk drive HDD and you can record more than hours of video. These values are estimates only. Parts of the HDD storage capacity will be reserved for the operations of this recorder and time shifting. It acts as a temporary HDD storage of your recordings.

The contents will be automatically deleted after a time period of 6 hours, when you turn off this recorder or when you switch it to Remote Control Inserting batteries Open the battery compartment. If the antenna signal is connected via a VCR, Cable Box or Satellite Receiver, ensure that these devices are turned on in order to watch You only need to choose one of the options below to make your video connection.

Using an audio cable You can connect the recorder to a two channel stereo system or receiver in order to enjoy the stereo sound system. Basic Recorder Connections — These jacks are located behind the fl ap on the right hand side and provides convenient connections for a camcorder.

Installation and Setup Before you start When you complete the connections and turn on the recorder for the fi rst time, it is advisable that you make several basic settings. Please see the following pages on using the Setup Menu features to program TV channels, menu language and system clock settings.

Manual Program Edit 2 Use In tuner mode, the Time Shift video bar will appear on the screen, it indicates the status and timing of the TV programs This recorder offers various options for easy management of your hard disk recording.


The system setup menu appears. Before Recording Default recording settings The default recording settings will allow you to preset auto chapter markers and the preferred mode of recording quality for HDD recording.

Philips DVDR3455H User Manual

The setup menu appears on the TV. Markers This lets you access to specifi c points on the recording. Press of the options. Unrecordable pictures Television programs, fi lms, video tapes, discs, and other materials may be copy-protected and therefore cannot be recorded on this recorder. Find the footage on the DV camcorder that you want to start recording from and set the camcorder to pause mode. Turn on the TV to the correct program number for the recorder e.

Insert a DVD recordable disc into the recorder. This may take several minutes. This allows you access to specifi c points on the recording. Press OK mnaual access the manuwl and use of the options. YesDVD settings underlined options are the factory default settings Option 3: The maual will tune to the right program channel and begin recording at the specifi ed time.

DVDRH/55 Philips Hard disk/DVD recorder DVDRH GB – Philips Support

With this recorder, you can pre-program up to 20 recordings. Use the numeric keypad to enter the PlusCode programming number for the show you wish to record and press OK.

To confi rm your entry, select in the menu and press OK. Select the correct Video In channel at the TV. The timer schedule list appears. If the recorder is not in standby mode, a warning message will appear three minutes before the recording starts. Press HDD on the dvdr33455h control. The HDD content menu appears. Playable discs Using this recorder, you can play and record dvdr3455u the following discs: Playback from Disc Starting disc playback Playback will begin automatically.

If the disc has its own menu this will be loaded, otherwise the recorder will launch an index screen. The disc content menu appears. Playback from Disc Playing a picture disc or musical slide show You can display JPEG pictures in the selected roll automatically one after the other. The playback menu appears on the TV.

Additional Playback Features Programming disc tracks You can play the contents of the disc in the order you want by programming the tracks to be played. The playback menu appears. The program menu appears. The edit options in the HDD title edit menu are: Dividing a title You can divide the current title into two new titles.

Each of these titles is characterized by its own index picture. Once a title is divided, the process cannot be reversed. You can change the disc name by following the steps below. The keyboard screen appears. You can change the disc content and settings of a DVD recordable disc from the disc editing menu.


The vvdr3455h contents may not be available if you play the disc on another DVD player.

The disc is locked for this recorder only. If the recordable DVD disc has been fi nalized, it cannot be edited. The displayed options in the title editing menu may differ depending on the type of disc.


You can give a new name to the title by following the steps below. Edit Recordings – Recordable DVD About video editing After a recording has been made, this recorder allows you to edit the video content. When you playback a recording in video edit mode, the entire recording will be played back including hidden scenes.

It also allows you to select another title. Use the numeric keypad to key in a title and press OK. Create a chapter marker at the scene you are going to hide.

Select the chapter you want to hide and start playback. Accessing the Setup Menu The setup menu provides various options for you to adjust the recorder to suit your preferences.

The setup menu appears on TV. Only then will it be possible to play a DVD on this system. Before changing the TV system, determine the color system of your TV. For more information, visit us at www.

Firmware Upgrade Installing the latest fi rmware Periodically, Philips will issue upgrades for the fi rmware that was initially installed in your recorder as the fi rmware is continuously refi ned for greater stability and compatibility of the recorder. Power supply must not be interrupted during upgrade!

What kind of disc should I use for recording? If a fault occurs, fi rst check the points listed below before maunal the system for repair. If you are unable to remedy a problem by following these hints, consult your dealer or Philips for help. Problem General No power. Problem Playback Disc does not play. The picture is distorted or black and white during playback.

Philips DVDR3455H user manual

There is picture or sound interference with the TV reception. Distorted sound coming from a connected hi-fi system or amplifi er. Troubleshooting Problem Recording Recordings are not occurring as scheduled. New recordings cannot be made. Picture is fuzzy and brightness varies when copying DVD Video discs or prerecorded kanual cassettes. SP Standard Play Plus: EP Super Long Play: Sound that has not been turned into numbers.

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