Henri Bergson ( – ) introduced new life to French philosophy, examining the non-mathematical sciences from a philosophical stance. He introduced. Henri Bergson, Duration and Simultaneity: Bergson and the Einsteinian Universe Time, Duration and Freedom – Bergson’s Critical Move Against Kant. Duration and Simultaneity. Henri Bergson Henri Bergson in 20th Century Philosophy Concepts of Simultaneity: From Antiquity to Einstein and Beyond.

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There is a rumor that he had converted to Catholicism near the end of his life, but there is no document to support this rumor. Concerning the Nature of Time. But this escape, of course, was no longer possible when later he generalized the relativity postulate to cover all motion.

The instant is what would terminate a duration if the latter came to a halt. A bbergson is always in the image virtually. Nevertheless, this experience is an integral one, in the sense of integrating an infinity of durations. Here we see that Bergson has not only tried to break with Kant, but also with Parmenides’s philosophy of the same.

In a word, the real is essentially positive. The appearance of the interfer- ence bands will therefore remain the same for any rotation of the device. The lack of archival material is one reason why Bergson went out of favor during the second half of the Twentieth Century.

Find it on Scholar. This placement of oneself up above the turn is not easy; above all else, Bergson appreciates effort. Whereas More spoke as a metaphysician, Descartes indicated the point of view of sci- ence with lasting precision.

Mark Paterson – – Philosophy in Review 21 3: Born in Paris in of Jewish parents, Henri Bergson received his education there and subsequently taught at Angers and Clermont-Ferraud before returning to Paris.

If on reunion one clock were retarded by a quantity depending on their relative motion, and the other not, that phenomenon would show that the first had moved and not the second.

He was born the year The Origin of Species was published and Creative Evolution adds a vital missing dimension to Darwinian theory.

Duration (philosophy)

Physics is often inter- ested in doing so, and the theory of relativity readily makes this assumption. An Introduction to Metaphysicspages 11 to It is, in fact, essential in this theory to disperse an endless number of synchronized clocks, and therefore ob- servers, over its “system of reference. Each of these two outer experi- ences participates in the duration of each of the two conscious- nesses.


It is easy to reconstruct the mechanism of this operation. The analysis just made shows this clearly enough. Quite early in his professional teaching career, Bergson had one of those life-changing eureka moments.

Without the con- tinual unfolding, there would be only space, and a space that, no longer subtending a duration, would no longer represent time.

Full text of “Duration And Simultaneity Henri Bergson”

vuration Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. It is the “generalized” theory of relativity.

All men and probably most animals possess this awareness of re- solved-upon and executed movements. Hence, “far from ruling out the hypothesis of a single, universal duration, Einstein’s theory of special rela- tivity calls for it and confers upon it a superior intelligibility. Real duration and spatia- lized time would not then be equivalent, and consequently time durtaion general would no longer exist for us; there would be only each one’s duration.

Curiously enough, however, they do not therefore refrain from applying it but regard themselves as entitled to use its equations with a meaning of their own in place of that which the relativity simultanfity gives them.

In his paper 3 announcing the result of his first per- formance of the experiment he wrote: To Bergson, however, time lived is an somultaneity thing, no matter whether it is Peter or Paul wno lives it. But in that case it oscillates between the two, immobilizing them by turns through goings and comings so rapid that it entertains the illu- sion of leaving them both in motion.

However much we may reduce the intensity of our memory, we risk leaving in it some degree of the variety and richness of our inner life; we curation then preserving the personal, at all events, human character of memory.

J. Merleau-Ponty, Bergson . – Duration And Simultaneity – PhilPapers

But as soon as these two theories are discarded, any system is at rest or in motion, as we please. In a society that put greater emphasis on creation than production, boredom would not even be an issue. To be sure, nothing prevents us from imagining, at a given moment, that the system of reference is itself in motion.


Retrieved from ” https: We are all human beings whose logic is tempered by imagination, and if anyone finds it difficult to believe that physicists of genius could have put aside a logical point merely because its practi- cal implications were negligible, let him reflect on a similar case. The anomaly appears even more strongly if simulraneity suppose that both O and S move similarly, at the same clock reading, in the same direction. Of course, this contraction overtakes the ruler with which we measure the object as slmultaneity as the object itself.

In the first place, there is evidence that, although he recognized its fundamental difference from Lorentz’, he still thought the observable implications of the two theories were identical. Anwar Tlili – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 48 5: This is a most remarkable situation, which, quite apart from the reality or otherwise of asymmetrical aging, calls for serious inquiry.

Henri Bergson

This granted, it is easy to dimultaneity that it is entirely in our interest to take for the “unfold- ing of time” a motion independent of that of our own body.

The creative emotion makes one unstable and throws one out of the habitual mode of intelligence, which is directed at needs. But, on the other hand, he has shown that life also consists in the practical necessities imposed on our body and accounting for our habitual mode of knowing in spatial terms.

We shall return to this concept of virtuality below. For, it is there alone that a system of reference is regarded as at abso- lute rest, while other systems are in absolute motion.

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