Section 1: Using this manual. Section 2: Features. RD Receiver. Battery Charging. DSX9 Transmitter Features (Front). DSX9 Transmitter Features (Rear). Has any one got or know where to find a printable JR Propo Instruction Manual for the DSX9? I have downloaded the PDF file from the. Filename: jr dsx9 manual. Date: 12/10/ Type of compression: zip. Total downloads: Nick: tempplen. File checked: Kaspersky.

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All very easy to set up.

Reference Material

Be sure to secure the unused battery connector. Moderator forum posts photos. Last edited by Daedalus66; Apr 11, at JR manuaal need to find the space bar for the next set of instructions!

Actually I find the arrangement of the heli version much better for all 3 types of aircraft this transmitter is capable of controlling. Spektrum DX7 – automatic timer switching by throttle stick.

We will have a corrected manual up on the website in the not too distant future available as a download. Oct 20, I also made an email suggestion regarding the circuit beeping every mankal. I’ve got it working in both a DX7 and an XP Jun 13, That’s fair to say you can check the battery before flying and it’s safety, simple and quick. What are you trying to accomplish by wanting to connect it elsewhere?

Thank you, I sent Jaro a pm asking the question. Which part of building a new traditional balsa aeroplane do you enjoy the most?

It gives a DX6i, DX7 or JR the capability that Futaba owners have long felt superior about — having the timer start automatically when the throttle stick is advanced. It ddsx9 suggested in the instructions to use foam mounting tape but it wasn’t going anywhere, so I didn’t see the need for it.


With my electric gliders it is a real boon. Sorry I should have said Dennis www.

Spectrum DX8 or JR DSX9

As I understand if, the 12X and 11X can run the timer based on throttle channel output. He sent me the latest version. By continuing to use this manula, you agree to our use of cookies. It is the only transmitter I know that can keep being upgraded by downloading a file from t’internet.

I just crash one of my wot4 due to a dodgy battery and I wonder if I had the telemetry on board to tell me the charge has drop significantly and I could perhaps save my plane. Gentlemen – complete newbie here. Note that the open contacts of the unused battery nanual not back powered not electrically hothowever, the unused connector should be secured to prevent it from entangling during flight. The reboot time is so quick you cant notice it. Remember Me Forgot Password? Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

There’s a jumper on the module. Also compare available sdx9, model types and consider which of these you will need goign forward. That supplemental leaflet shouldn’t have gone out like that LOL My first comment is that the receiver has two plug holes saying Bat 1 and Bat JR timer activated by throttle stick?

Index of /manuals/Radios/JR

Details are in the manual, which you can download. Originally Posted by Daedalus66 I used to say “no big deal” to people who compained that JR lack the capability to start the timer with the throttle stick, but now I’ve tried it I see the point. Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve either forgotten to turn on or off that timer. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


I have no experince with JRs This was done in answer to some customer requests. Installing the engine and radio systems. It should do but have never tested it. DX6i – automatic timer switching by throttle stick.

I am very pleased with the set and especially the receiver. I bought a Dxs9 Mk2 50 model memory and backlit display just after Christmas and flew with it for the first time today.

Download jr dsx9 manual | Diigo Groups

I have not quite got to grips with how you select the five flight modes using two switches, there are also switch labelling mistakes in the manual that McGregor know about. I haven’t had a chance to fly with it yet but it should work great.

And it only starts the timer, not stopping it when the stick returns to low. I think this can only expand to more and more models. Horizon are charging c. I’m happy to confirm that the module does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

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