Order Dodge Intrepid Repair Manual – Vehicle Maintenance online today. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic. Products 1 – 30 of 89 At CARiD you will find the widest choice of premium Dodge Intrepid Auto Repair Manuals from world-renowned brands. Fasteners and torque specifications references in this Service Manual are identified in metric and SAE format. During any maintenance or repair procedures, it is.

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Repxir higher the grade number, the greater the bolt strength. Identification is determined by the line marks on the top of each bolt head.

Dodge Intrepid Service and Repair Manual from Chilton – Official Site of Chilton Manuals

The actual bolt strength grade corresponds to the number of line marks plus 2. Refer to the Standard Torque Specifica- Fig. The label contains the Check Digit at the ninth position of the Vehicle Iden- following information: The plate contains five lines of infor- mation: Dealer personnel are to reconnect the IOD fuse in the junction block as part of the preparation procedures performed just relair to new vehicle deliv- ery.

Internal connection of all the PDC cir- The Power Distribution Center PDC is serviced cuits is accomplished by an intricate network of hard as a unit with the engine compartment wire harness. These malfunctions may be classified as either mechanical e. Charge or replace as necessary.

Dirty or incorrectly gapped plugs. Set gap as rpair or replace plug s. Contamination in fuel system. Clean system and replace fuel filter. High or low oil level in 1. Check and correct engine oil crankcase.

Dodge Intrepid Repair Manual

Thin or diluted oil. Check engine oil level. Inspect oil pump relief valve and spring. Refer to Appropriate Diagnostic Manual 2. Worn, scuffed or broken rings. The shop air source for testing anaerobic material is for use between two machined should maintain kPa 70 psi minimum, 1, surfaces. DO NOT use starter motor to rotate the engine, severe damage inrepid occur. Lift lid off of air cleaner housing. Be careful not to gouge or scratch the alumi- num head sealing surface.

If height is greater than The crankshaft oil seals are a one piece design. The front seal is retained by the timing chain cover, and the rear seal in a housing that attaches to dldge cylinder block.



Remove seal using Special ToolRemover Fig. If a burr or scratch is present on the crankshaft edge chamferclean surface using REMOVAL grit sand paper to prevent seal damage during 1 Remove transaxle from vehicle.

Refer to 21 – installation. The piston and connecting rod mahual the link between 4 Install the transaxle. Damage to connecting 1 Install the piston rings. Ensure 9 Tap the piston down in repiar bore, using a that hole in bearing half is aligned to hole in con- hammer handle. At the same time, guide connecting necting rod. The engine mounting system consist of three 4 Remove the lower attaching nuts from the bot- mounts; Oil pressure is controlled by a relief valve mounted The lubrication system is a full-flow filtration, inside the oil pump housing.

Exhaust Camshaft Oil Mankal 2. When replacing oil fil- ter, use a Mopar filter or equivalent. The switch receives oil pressure input from the engine main oil gallery. When engine oil pressure is greater than Clean EGR ports as neccessary. For ease of installing upper intake manifold, components: The exhaust manifolds are a log style design and made of cast nodular iron Fig. Engine timing can be ver- terminal. Inspect and replace gasket and seal as necessary.

When aligning timing marks, always rotate engine by turning the crankshaft. Use care not to intrepiid crankshaft. Additional tests and diagnostic procedures may be necessary for specific engine malfunctions that can- not be isolated with the Service Diagnosis charts. Idle speed too low. Test minimum air flow. Refer to Appropriate Diagnostic Information 3.

Components retains adhesion sealing properties when should be torqued in place while the sealant is still exposed to engine oil. Moisture in the air causes the wet to the touch within 10 minutes. Upper Intake manifold is a composite design. Therefore, manifold should be removed before lifting engine or damage to the manifold could occur. Valve Seat Width— 1. Valve Stem Tip Valve guides and seat inserts are powdered metal. Tighten bolts to specified torque: The cylinder head must be removed. If journals are binding, check 1 Remove camshaft sprocket s.

Also, the intake and exhaust valves seal the combustion chamber during the compression and power strokes. SRV valve axle chatter.


Missing lash adjuster swivel contact pads. Exhaust rocker arm-to-cylinder head cover contact. Intake rocker-to-camshaft bearing journal contact. Piston pin bore fit.

They should be identified before disassembling the assembly Fig. Check rocker arms for wear or damage Fig. When valves have been removed for inspection, reconditioning or replacement, valve springs should be tested Fig.

Dodge Intrepid Repair Manuals

As an docge the compression length of the spring to be tested is The cylinder block Fig. Limits of taper or out-of-round on any crankshaft journals should be held to 0. Journal grinding should not exceed 0. Vodge bearings are select fit. Upper and lower bearing halves are NOT interchangeable. Lubricate and install the rear thrust washer by Bearing caps are not interchangeable and are rolling the washer onto the machined shelf marked to insure correct assembly.

All piston and rod assemblies weigh the same to 1 Remove the transaxle. Oil then feeds the camshaft journals, rocker arms, and hydraulic lash adjusters Fig. The oil pump body is mounted to the engine block. The composite upper intake manifold is a cross- Fig. The outlets are designed for V-Band clamp attachment of close coupled catalytic converters.

Refer 8 Remove the stamped steel cover Fig. The following procedure can only be When camshaft sprocket bolts are loos- ened or removed, the camshafts must be re-timed to the engine. Also, the camshaft sprocket bolts must NOT be reused.

To remove h Vehicle mileage or time at component main- the camshaft sprocket bolts with engine in intrpeid vehi- tenance requirement. Refer to 7 – mark on oil pump cover Fig. Exhaust manifold cracked or 1. Manifold to cylinder head leak. Replace component s as necessary. Use care not to 1 Release hood latch and open hood.

Rear bumber reinforcement — attaching nut Front suspension crossmember — front attaching bolt Front suspension crossmember — rear attaching bolt Radiator support crossmember — Remove the 3 fuel filler neck attaching screws. Remove the fuel filler cap. Allow the stabilizer bar to hang down. Install cup, Special Tool CF. Raise the exhaust into place.

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