The BRC publishes information and expresses opinions in good faith, but accepts no The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 Frequently Asked. Introducing a new BRC Global Standards analytics tool – Insight. Insight allows BRC Global Standards Sites to compare their own audit performance against. Descargar Norma BRC Versión 7 Español p de Normas y Controles de Calidad. Descripción: BRC algunos servicios ofrecidos al cliente.

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The BRC is therefore effective in any country in the world. Its objective is ddescargar guarantee food quality and safety in order to respond to consumer demand.

Packaging and Packaging materials

The BRC Global Food Packaging standard facilitates the standardisation of quality, safety, operational criteria and compliance with the legal obligations of packaging manufacturers used in the food industry, as well as helping to protect the consumer. The nor,a on quality and continuous improvement prepares the company to take advantage of the new nora of a market under constant development and enables it to transmit its commitment to quality to its customers, suppliers and employees.


It is highly sensitive to environmental issues and is more demanding with the environmental performance of companies. Customers, increasingly aware of the environmentprefer to do business with companies that share the same philosophy, increasing the competitiveness of the company.

Norma BRC Food Version 7

The objective of the ISO standard is to comply with the principles of the Codex Alimentarius and to provide an auditable standard for any company in the food chain, in order to guarantee the safety of food and the safety of these companies.

Su objetivo es garantizar la calidad y seguridad alimentaria para dar respuesta a las demandas de los consumidores.

Desdargar norma ISO It allows companies to access markets where this standard is required. Reports on the compliance status of customers that recognise it, especially the large distribution chains.

Provides a guarantee of the consumer supply chain. Introduces and establishes safety and quality criteria agreed upon by suppliers.

Increases the confidence of customers and end consumers, which represents a competitive descagar and access to new markets.


It is evidence of compliance with food safety legislation. Allows for greater transparency along the entire supply chain.

Establishes effective work methods that save time, money and resources. Increases the level of staff commitment.

Storage and Distribution

Recognises quality management nodma international level. Detects opportunities and risks in a structured way. Helps to create a complete vision of the organisational context in order to increase the effectiveness of risk management. Aligns objectives with quality management. Optimises communication throughout the supply chain. It focuses on planning and leadership.

Demonstrates compliance with environmental legal requirements, generating trust of all interested parties. It is applicable to any company in the food chain. It complies with the principles set out by the Codex Alimentarius.

Permite a las empresas acceder a mercados donde esta norma es exigida.

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