“The future of relationships is moving us toward the vaulting awareness of who we really are as human beings, something we have managed to avoid for a. The Future of Love: The Power of the Soul in Intimate Relationships. Daphne Rose Kingma, Author Doubleday Books $ (p) ISBN . Daphne Rose Kingma, a therapist and author of A Lifetime of Love, believes that intimate relationships are “chalices of love.” Although we often wish that our.

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In the spring ofrelationship expert, therapist and healer of the human heart Daphne Rose Kingma visited Bodhi Tree to discuss her book True Love: Love, she says, is more than an emotion; it is a state of being created and maintained by a series of attitudes and actions that can be taught.

In this Bodhi Talk, she shows how our intimate relationships can be an infinite source of strength and happiness when we experience the profound sense of peace and security of spirit that comes from being deeply connected to another human being. Daphne Rose Kingma is a working psychotherapist, teacher and speaker who has helped thousands of individuals and couples understand and improve their relationships.

An Emotional and Spiritual Handbook. Her titles include the classic on ending a relationship, Coming Apart: This book is now out of print]. Kingma speaks to large organizations and in intimate settings throughout the United U. They generate self-esteem, and in a very subtle way create a person in the full spectrum of his or her essence.

Compliments invite the person who is complimented to embrace a new perception of him or herself. And just as layers and layers of nacre form a pearl over an irritating grain of sand, so compliments collect around us, developing us in all our beauty.

I often say that I wrote that book in self-defense, because that year I was working with so many people who were ending their relationships.

The Future of Love by Daphne Rose Kingma

I wanted to write a book that would really encourage people to somehow find their way through rise maze of an emotional relationship. You can tell two people how to behave and how to talk about their difficulties and how to negotiate their sexual encounters and how to be kind to each other, but somehow there was also a mysterious thing that is always operating in relationships, and that is the mystery of gender.

What is it to be related to another human dapnhe, and what are the questions about this mysterious engagement called an intimate relationship that are important now? The truth is that we have tended to think of relationships in a very confined, defined and limited sort of way. Relatedness is the very essence of how we interact in the world.

We are related to everything and everyone, and relationship as a phenomenon is the only context in which we can comprehend anything. We comprehend the dark by its relationship to the light. We comprehend evil by its antithesis to goodness.


We comprehend earth by its balance with the sky and so, as the physicists are telling us now, there is no such thing as perceiving the cosmos except in terms of the constantly shifting relationship of every molecule in the universe.

The love of the heart is the love we usually feel and comprehend when we fall in love with someone. Our hearts have opened and we are exposed to this world of feelings.

The emotional realm exists within our physical body and is always registering our emotional experience. One of the most important things of this relationship of the heart, of the emotional being, is that it is also the container for the unfinished business of our histories. And the great gift of these sometimes kijgma emotional relationships is that we are given this gift of our past to renew and to resolve.

Wherever it takes me. Until death do us part. Here it is for you to look at lingma. To live and to be able to move in life with this love of the soul and body is to truly be able to live from that vantage point. A lifetime may be the tiniest lf in an ongoing fabulous multifaceted slideshow that goes on for eons! But to live and to be able to move in life with this love of the soul and body is to truly be able to live from that vantage point. And that quality of illumination is being able to see, to understand the profound interconnectedness that we step into when we step into life as human beings.

What you feel when you fall in love is universal.

However ordinary or simple your own love may appear to be, to your heart and soul it is a grand love. Through love you become part of a sacred tradition, that great lineage of all those who have plighted their truth, promised their hearts to one another, chosen to live and die for love, and known that love was the only thing worth living for.

We daphme love because in every cell of our being, we know that love is the only thing we cannot live without. But how do I convey what is happening to my partner?

How do I express that; or is it even necessary when you go to that deep level? Would the person be open to really hearing that?

The Future of Love

You said that one thing we cannot do without is love. Klngma people do go directly for God and, sooner or later, most of them have to come back to us, to the man or the woman, because we happen to be human beings. We are not just souls drifting around the outer stratospheres like a lavender vapor; we are here as human beings. Well, these are the textbooks here.


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These are the exercises to do. What I have noticed over many years is that people who go directly to the spiritual level are often misfits on the human level. Now there are different ways of doing it. In our culture, we live in a psychological milieu. This is our Western Judeo-Christian tradition. Our culture is psychological. So, we are living not just our incarnation, but our culture and our society, too.

Are we going to have it by sitting on a mountain for 55 years with our legs crossed? Kingma shows us that real love consists of taking care of yourself, the other person, and the relationship itself. Written with grace and a beautiful down-to-earth style, this book teaches us how to enhance and enrich our relationships.

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The Heart as Container for Unfinished Business The love of the heart is the love we usually feel and comprehend when we fall in love with someone.

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