Rear Window has ratings and 38 reviews. Kelly (and the Book Boar) said: Find all of my reviews at: did I not. Rear Window has ratings and 61 reviews. Bev said: This Rear Window collection of stories () by Cornell Woolrich contains stories from and. Cornell Woolrich’s “Rear Window” First-person narrator. Hal Jefferies tells the story of his discovering and solving a murder by watching out his rear window.

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The answer involves a series of deals, a pivotal death, some crafty detective work and a killer ending. Sort of like a Cornell Woolrich story.

The Story Of Who Owns ‘Rear Window’ Mirrors A Cornell Woolrich Tale – Hartford Courant

It involves Woolrich’s short story, which was first published in a pulp detective magazine, then turned into a classic Alfred Hitchcock film and, indirectly, now involves the world premiere of a Hartford Stage rwar. Woolrich was a prolific writer whose works were adapted into many film noir screenplays, teleplays and radio works.

Three years later, he sold the movie rights, which were subsequently bought in by another film production company, owned by Hitchcock and James Stewart, who would star in the film. Woolrich died woolrkch at the age of 64, a few years shy of the date on which he had agreed to renew the copyright for the film company.


Abend claimed that the original agreement for Woolrich to renew the copyright for the film company died with the author, and that control of the work reverted to the author’s copyright successor — ahem, him. The ruling by the U. Supreme Court in — Sandra Day O’Connor wrote the majority opinion; Antonin Scalia was a dissenter — sent shivers through Hollywood because it opened the door to copyright challenges by artists against studios.

Abend did indeed own the rights, the justices said, because the film was made beforewhich predated changes in American copyright rules. Abend died in Lyons a producer and financier of major motion pictures “The Guardian” the “Bring It On” filmsstage works the musical “Bring It On” and television, says the project was a four-year process that he undertook with producing partner with Russell.

Rear Window

Did he ever pursue the rights to the film, which had a screenplay by John Michael Hayes, and which created characters and relationships not in the original story? There short story and the play do not contain the characters in the film that were played by Grace Kelly and Thelma Ritter.

Playwright Keith Reddin wrote the stage adaptation qoolrich Darko Tresnjak, artistic director of Hartford Stage, is directing the production.


In a way, focusing on the less familiar short story liberates the stage version from the shadow of the Windkw film and its iconic stars. A TV movie based on the Woolrich story starred Christopher Reeve as a paralyzed man who “lives in a high-tech home filled with assistive technology.

I caught the show earlier this month and it’s a very funny, entertaining, audience-pleasing show with a terrific performance by Cornll McGrath as a down-on-her-heels drag performer.

Look for it during the season. This pilot program has a 25 percent cash match requirement. A spokesman for the theater says additional dates are impossible because of “A Christmas Carol,” the theater’s next show.

Cornell Woolrich

This story has been edited to correct the photo identified wijdow author Cornell Woolwich. Cornell Woolrich was a prolific writer whose works were adapted to many film noir screenplays, teleplays and radio works. Could there be a movie version of this stage production?

Lyons simply says the focus is entirely on making this version the best it can possibly be.

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