2) Determine if the Clubbell is the right training tool for you: This .. John, do you have any opinion on “The Clubbell Training Black Book“?. Clubbell Training for Circular Strength: An Ancient Tool for the Modern Athlete [ Scott Sonnon] on The Big Book of Clubbell Training Paperback . Tom Black. The Big Book of Clubbell Training [Scott Sonnon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Scott Sonnon, creator of the patented Clubbell®, has.

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The clubbell is a club swinging tool that is primarily used for strength and conditioning, fitness training, and athletic performance enhancement. Given that clubbells are not cheap, you should probably know the whole story before making your first purchase. Back when I first learned of clubbells, I was a fresh out-of-college, soon-to-be married personal trainer with very trraining disposable income.

The RMAX organization makes some bold claims concerning the clubbell. This review is meant to help you in two ways: This section will deal specifically with who can benefit from the clubbell, and who cannot. This is a long product review, as I wanted to err on the thorough side and try to cover everything.

The advantage that the clubbell has over other weight swinging tools is xlubbell its innovation and design standards. Simply put, the clubbell has a far superior design and higher quality standards over other weight swinging tools. The primary advantage that the clubbell has over other strength clubbepl tools is its multi-dimensional training nature, and that it can be used to improve the conditioning of a broad range of movements, clbbell of just muscle rtaining.

This is not just another feature or highlight to throw in with the rest — this has major implications! We live, work, and play in three dimensions, and our training should reflect and enhance this. We are not creatures of isolation, but creatures of integration.

The Complete Clubbell Review

The clubbell teaches you to integrate your body with complex movement chains that are directly applicable clubell real world needs. This is exactly why I have incorporated it into my training programs.

The clubbell teaches you how to apply whole-body strength through a broad range of highly technical, athletic movements. It should also be noted that with the clubbell, you can strengthen full ranges of motion, not just partial-range, limited movements like most pushing, pulling, and twisting exercises.

Not only that, but the clubbell can be very light and yet still produce significant adaptive training trainimg through the use of momentum. Instead, the clubbell strengthens your joints through traction and shock absorption.

And you can Click Here to view a photo of the wear on some of my CST clubbell grips after approximately 7 years of regular use. You probably noticed a common theme in the review videos: I frequently mentioned that the clubbell has a very broad application and can be used for a variety of purposes. When you boil it down to its very essence, the clubbell is just an awkward, heavy object that is best used for strength training.

That said, almost any goal that can be accomplished through strength training can also be accomplished with a clubbell. There are over different traditional clubbell exercises taught in the Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training. You can use the clubbell for: So, it should go without saying that the clubbell can serve a broad range of purposes and training clubbelo, such as:. Those are the major areas of benefit.


Obviously, all of the other benefits of exercise will also come along with clubbell ckubbell So, now you know why I fully endorse and recommend the clubbell. Let me share with you some specific reasons why I do NOT recommend other similar tools….

With the clubbell, you get a compact, safe tool that was designed specifically for exercise. My first purchase was a pair of mini-clubbells that I spent a year using before I was fully convinced that it would be worth the investment to upgrade. Even four years later, they have not grown old and I still use them for most of my strength and ttaining goals almost year round.

Few of my training tools have received so much use. Poor Fitness Level — No training experience, recent rehabilitation from injuries, small build.

Excellent Fitness Level — High training experience, healthy, large build, athletic background. These are clubbell weights that most trainees will not outgrow — even after years of vook. Thank you for supporting PhysicalLiving. This is a must-have for anyone who clubbekl thinking about getting into clubbell training — whether for casual recreation or serious training. Learn more about it in my complete product review here: I tried high quality wooden Indian Clubs. My coach trains physiotherapists in Indian Clubbll Swinging for rehab and coordination improvemment.

[PDF] Clubbell Training Black Book – Free Download PDF

For rehab, for very deconditioned individuals, for improving coordination. It helps me to practice Clubbell exercises without fear reactivity because bad trainning, muscle imbalances, lack of mobility can be adressed before swinging serious heavy stuff. Not for the simple stuff like swings but if I do 15 lbs clubbell mills with bad movement patterns SMA and what bookkI may get punished. But regarding weight swinging tools for strength training, the clubbell is far superior.

Great back with videos!! Funny to think to whom has most benefits with clubbell-training? I think all of us, because there are no-other equipment which you got so much benefits in so tight package!

I normally teach people to use bodyweight-exercises first — then kettlebells and finally clubbells — why I do that? Easiest to carry on ;- and start with.

The Complete Clubbell Review | Physical Living

KB is easier to handle. Of course we all are different and some people want to start with CB at once or never. This is how I work in generally. Well, i really like all the advantages of clubbel. And all that clubell swings makes me crazy! Imagine an 10 lbs clubell swinging to my knee! Anyone knows someone that get hurt? Yes, there is definitely some risk with clubbell use, as with any form of exercise.

Used improperly, they can, in fact, be very dangerous. With the exception of a small bruise to my head, the impacts have never resulted in an injury.

Thanks for the thorough review, John. Also, if I wanted to implement clubbells into my training as simply as possible with minimal hassle, do you think it would be a good idea to practice the Mill, Swipe and Hammer Swing and work my way up to completing the Trial by Fire? I know both Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock pretty well, though, and they would only put out a good product.


Those three exercises complement each other very well, moving through all 6 degrees of freedom, and the TBF is a great benchmark to work up to.

The Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training is the most comprehensive educational resource currently available and will give you a fairly exhaustive overview of most of what clubbell training has to offer. I should also mention Shane Heins Clubbell Mass Evolutionwhich is a superb instructional product for those who are looking to build lean muscle mass.

This is good stuff. I always seem to find my way to Physicalliving. Your website is a staple for me. Thanks for the unbiased and objective information.

Thanks for a great site and resource. You can get a lot of mileage out of a single 25 lb clubbell. One more idea is some people will buy a single 15 lber, and then buy another one down the road to make a pair. It all depends on your priorities.

I came across your video on Club Bells and was intrigued. What do you recommend for a starter kit? My goal is to incorporate Club Bells into my kettlebell and weight training programs for variety.

My primary interest in total body conditioning. I like the potential of having both a pair of lighter weights and a heavier single from the start, but your budget determines what you can afford. That might be reason enough to also invest in a heavier clubbell instead of a more expensive instructional program.

It all depends on your preferences. Based on your recommendations and our email exchange, I ordered my clubbells and the Big Book of CB Training on Jan 1st and they arrived today Jan 6th. The 15lb pair are pretty challenging — my choked up grip slips quite easily and right now I cannot imagine doing single hand b,ack or casts with this weight. The 35lb one is…well…sitting off in the corner for future use.

I would describe myself as moderately athletic and strong from free weight training and kettlebell lifting— I swing a 70lb KB with two hands for reps, a 44 for reps with 1 hand and can snatch a 53lb KB. But a 15lb clubbell snatch??? Not happening out of the box- the club would slip out and be embedded in my wall or my head. If I purchased blxck, I might start with the 10s.

I start tomorrow with some single and two handed swing training.

Clubbell Training Black Book

I plan to use Clubbells rtaining metabolic conditioning and to complement my strength training. I recommend you do the same if you decide to buy. In the mean time, you can try some vibration drills — shaking your body, and especially your arms and hands out in between each set. This will help flush out any toxic by-products that accumulate with fatigue.

I was shocked to find how much weaker my left rtaining was in circular strength training than my right arm! What do i do? Ultimately though I had to buy a 10lb club for wrist casts and shoulder casts and mills with one hand.

No club coaches near me, sucks.

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