Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Lyrics in 9 Indian languages. Sri Rudram Laghunyasam Sri Rudram Namakam. 7.c, Mahanyasam part 2 (in Telugu includes Puja and Sri Rudram) on single pages PDF document. 8. Namakam Chamakam (in Telugu) PDF document. 9. Lord Shiva Stotrams – Sri Rudram Chamakam Lyrics in Telugu: ఓం అగ్నా’ విష్ణో సజోష’సేమావ’ర్ధంతు వాం గిరః’.

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Thank you for your patience. You may also report the error. The division into eleven Anuvakams has been done for the purpose of tlugu each Anuvakam as one mantra in karmas like Parayanam, other than Homam.

felugu While calling upon two Devas, both of them should have the same extent of kindness. If there is difference they will not come forward to bestow fruits together. Hence it is prayed first that both should be kind to us to the same extent.


This is followed by prayer that we should also praise you very well and you should come and give us materials and foods.

| Sri Rudram Chamakam – Telugu

That word will give the meaning appropriate to the place. It is prayed that all these should be properly available to me.

As anger is also required on certain occasions, it is prayed that capacity for anger on right occasions be provided. Both cha,akam to love in this world only.

As this direction is considered more important than all other directions, it is mentioned separately. The prayer is that all the above grahas should be favourable to me. They are well known in Yagnaprakaranam. The prayer is that all be favourable to camakam.

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The prayer is that all these numbers be favourable to me. By the odd numbers from 1 to 33, Chandas liked by Devas are attained.


By the even numbers from 4 to 48, Chandas chmakam by humans are attained. In order to get the love of Devas as well as humans, odd numbers and even numbers are both mentioned here.

All this should be very favourable tto me.

In that case, the idea is that those twelve months may do me good. P R Kannan, Navi Mumbai. Useful Info e-Seva Portal Subscribe:

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