Raw edge, moulded cogged datum length Ld = pitch length Lw. Further sizes are available on request optibelt VB – LC: V-Belts with Light Coloured Cover Fabric. OPTIBELT has manufactured – based on meanwhile far more For details of the upgraded/cast special belts please see our compact catalogue ā€˛Material. Catalogo Correas Optibelt Pdf Download. 1/3. Catalogo Correas Optibelt Pdf Download. 2/3. a4c8ef0b3e blazevideo hdtv player professional.

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Double-wrapped cotton-neoprene cover is added for excel-lent resistance to abrasive wear,heat, ozone, grease, oil, or dirt.

Optibelt – high quality and low-maintenance belts.

ThatsPanther Power a Carlisle exclu-sive. In addition to the products listed herein, Carlisle can supply quotations on virtually any made-to-order dr orsprocket, or special features or construction. Poleas Correas Catalogo Martins Documents.

Effective noise reduction for power transmission drives can be accomplished by incorporating a flexiblenoise absorbing material with the protective guard. These pulleys canalso be supplied by Carlisle whenrequired.

This is anormal part of dealing with fullsleeves rather than cut to widthbelts. Fully electronic and equipped with state-of-the art precision measurement technology.

Wide range ofload capacities and speeds. Longer belt life means less fre-quent replacement, less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Catalogo General Correas Texrope Documents. Carlisle Super Blue Ribbon V-Beltsoperate within a wide range of loadcapacities and speeds with ratedperformance from to 8, RPMwith horsepower optibeelt from 1 to 1, horsepower. O,A, 3L, 4L, 5L. Sold in foot rolls packaged in cayalogo.


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Provides exact speed con-trol. The Carlisle Electronic Tensiometerallows you to take simple, fast, repeatable and reliable tension measurements and can be used on virtuallyany type of belt. The manu-facturing process allows for equalload capacity on both sides of thebelt, a feature not found in everydual-sided belt on the market.

The reinforced band across the top of2 or more individual V-belts corraes stability by eliminating beltwhip and turnover. Anothercontributor to longer wear. Combines the longer life and superiorperformance of the Gold Label Cog-Belt with the stability of banded construction.

By combin-ing multiple classical belts utilizingour patented banding process, youeliminate the tendency of singlebelts coming off or turning over optibbelt subjected to fluctuating loadtensions.

Too little tension will result in slippage, causing rapid belt andsheave wear, and loss of productivity. The coverfabric is designed specifically for optimum catlogo in clutchingdrives and the aramid cord protectsagainst shock-loading while providingexcellent length stability. Special aramidcord provides maximumresistance to ccorreas loadsand minimizes beltstretch. Technical engineering information may be obtained from the following: Catalogo Correas industriales Lista de produtos The core of the belt ismade of a special blendof compounds to providelong life and superiorhorsepower capacity.

Synchro-Cog Timing L L 64 Help dissipateheat and contribute tolonger belt life. Cord is chemically treated formaximum resistanceto belt stretch. Carlisles superior designprovides maximum flexibilityand extended life.

However, on occasion it may be nec-essary to schedule and build thesleeve to order. Flag for inappropriate content. Will help you convert from other manu-facturers brands to Carlisle. Keeps a tighter grip on thepulley to reduce slippage. Thislower cord placement lets Carlislemake use of correaa most efficient RawEdge production process in theIndustry.


Resilient the uniquely designedparabolic profile teeth containAble, an advanced polymer com-pound which increases both thestrength and abrasive resistance ofthe teeth. Eliminates belt whip and turnover on conventional drives.

Optibelt products stand for uncompromising quality!

Grip the pulley moretightly to reduce slippage while improving overall performance and efficiency. However,on occasion it may be necessary toschedule and build the sleeve toorder. The SheaveMaster is water, dust and shock proof.

Thisgives you the freedom to use a sin-gle belt for a series of pulleys which traditionally required more drives. Thepulley teeth are made to mesh andconform exactly to those of the belt,resulting in a drive which functions asa precision gear system.

Protects cog surfaces from wear. Published on Jul View Download Poleas Correas Catzlogo Martins Documents. Belt whip and turnover are eliminated. Catalogo correas extensibles Flexi Documents. Synchro-Cog is recommended as areplacement for drives where chainand gear can present problems.

Prevents the beltfrom turning over or jumping off thedrive.

catalogo correas optibelt pdf to jpg

Catalogo correas Download Report. Synchro-Cog Timing L L 33 Designed to assuresmooth, positive meshing with pulleygrooves. Also provides excellentstatic dissipation.

Maximum number of ribs available is Cooler operation meanslonger flex life.

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