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Do not attempt to use the machine in any way not described in this manual. It causes unexpected accident, fire, or electric shock. Safety Precautions Page 4 of pages cleaning the machine. If you accidentally switch the machine on while cleaning it, you could injure yourself or damage the machine. Maintaining Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the machine.

There are no user serviceable parts inside the machine.

Canon MX320 All in One Printer User Manual

Safety Precautions Page 5 of pages unplug the power cord and call for service. Do not transport or use the machine on a slant, vertically or upside-down, as the ink may leak and damage the machine. When loading a thick book on the Platen Glass, do not press hard on ;ixma Document Cover. The document loaded in the Document Tray are scanned automatically one sheet at a time. Main Components Page 8 of pages 11 Operation Panel Use to change the settings of the machine or to operate it.

Canon MX320 Manuals

This button is pressed down when the Document Cover is closed, so that you can open the Scanning Unit Cover. Main Components Page 9 of pages Important Do not touch the metal casing. Note Remove the Telephone connector cap to connect the external device. Caution To avoid an electric shock, do not touch the metallic casing. Main Components Page 10 of pages Important The area A indicated in the figure below may be splattered with ink. It does not affect the performance of the machine.

Do not touch the area A. The machine mahual not print properly if you touch it. Main Components Page 11 of pages Changes the page size, media type, and print quality settings in each mode. Note The LCD will turn off if the machine is not operated for about 5 minutes.

To restore the display, press any button except the button or perform the print operation. You can also make good use of the various functions of the machine with the menu items and the manial options on the LCD.

Guide Basic Operation on the Setting Options You can change the pixmaa in mx302 mode by pressing the Settings button, when printing in the copy mode or fax mode or when saving scanned data on a USB flash drive in the scan mode. This guide describes other typical connection. Guidelines for Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols Page 25 of pages To enter a character that is assigned to the same button as the previous entry ex. For details, refer to the on-screen manusl Advanced Guide When the machine is connected to a computer with the MP Drivers installed, the date and time Make sure that Set day of week is selected, ppixma press the button.


Return to the fax standby screen. Press the FAX button. Advanced Guide Auto manjal Select a receive mode according to your needs. You receive mainly faxes and sometimes voice calls: Select Fax priority mode.

The machine will ring.

Pick up the handset, and press the Stop button to answer the call. The machine receives faxes automatically.

Note If a telephone is connected to the machine, the telephone will ring when the call incomes regardless of the receive mode. Setting the Receive Mode Page 35 of pages Note If the machine will not switch to the fax, press the Color or Black button to receive the fax.

D When the answering machine responds: The answering machine responds to the call. The machine receives the fax automatically. Press the FAX button, and press the Menu button. For the operation, see the notes and operation procedure described in the reference page.

Making Copies Page 40 of pages Important Do not open the Document Cover or move the loaded original until copying is completed. Note Press the Stop button to cancel copying. The machine can receive faxes even in the copy mode after pressing the COPY button.

Changing the Settings You can use the Settings button to change the print settings such as page size, media type, or print quality to print. Advanced Guide Frame erase You can also save scanned data on a USB flash drive inserted into the manuall. Advanced Guide Important Please note that Canon shall not be liable for any damage or loss of the data for any reason whatsoever, even within the warranty period of the machine. Preparing for scanning with the Operation Panel Saving Scanned Data Page 45 of pages Select the scan operation.

Press the SCAN pimxa. PC scan standby will appear. If PC scan standby is not displayed, press the Menu button. You can easily print photos taken with your digital camera by using Easy-PhotoPrint EX supplied with your machine. To cancel a print job in progress, press the Stop button on the machine or click Cancel Printing on the printer status monitor. For details on the operation, refer to the on-screen manual: Advanced Guide Note Operations may vary depending on your software application.

Printing Documents Windows Page 52 of pages Specify the required acnon settings. The settings suitable for the print object such as media type or print puxma will also appear. Here we select Plain Paper. Note If you select the wrong media type, the machine may not print with the proper print quality. Select the print quality in Print Quality.

Make sure that the machine is turned on. Operation Panel Load paper. Open the Paper Output Tray gently. Printing Documents Macintosh Page 57 of pages Note For cznon on the print quality, refer to the on-screen manual: Sending Faxes Page 60 of pages The machine starts sending the fax. Note When loading two or more documents Load the next page, and press the same button as you pressed in 2 of step 2.


Repeat the same procedure to scan all pages of the document, and press the button. Sending Faxes Page 61 of pages Send the fax.

Important Color sending requires that the recipient’s fax machine supports color faxing. Adjusting the Sending Quality You can adjust the density scan contrast or image quality fax resolution of the document you send. Advanced Guide Sending a Fax after Speaking on Telephone You can send a fax manually after speaking on telephone if you want to talk to the recipient before Using Various Sending Functions Page 63 of pages Fax Number Re-entry Prevent Dialing Wrong Number To prevent dialing a wrong number, the machine allows you to enter the recipient’s number with the Color or Black button, or the OK Numerical buttons, the button, and reenter the recipient’s number pxima for confirmation.

TX report Prints a sending report automatically after the camon sends faxes. This section also describes the operation to print documents stored in the memory of the machine such as when an error occurred. Receiving Faxes Page 66 of pages When the receive mode is in Fax priority mode, receive a call as follows. A fax or voice call incomes.

Pixa the fax or voice call. The machine will receive majual automatically. The machine will ring when a voice call incomes. Receiving Faxes Page 67 of pages The machine will not ring when it receives faxes.

If you want to use the machine with pixja telephone or answering machine, connect it to the machine and change to Fax priority mode or TEL priority mode.

When TEL priority mode is selected: When the receive mode is in TEL priority mode, receive a call as follows.

Canon MX Manuals

Receiving Faxes Page 68 of pages handset of the telephone connecting to the machine and dial 25 the remote reception ID to receive nanual remote reception. The remote reception is only available for the touch tone dial.

The remote reception can be disabled. Refer to the on-screen manual: Advanced Guide Set your answering machine to answering mode and adjust it as follows Receiving Faxes Page 69 of pages Receive the fax or voice call.

The machine will receive it automatically when the machine detects the registered fax ring pattern. The telephone continues to ring. Pick up the handset to answer the call. Note The name of this service pima depending on the country or region of purchase.

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