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Is there a benchmark for a very good film?

A film is really good when a it captures your attention within the first 15 minutes, b the story haunts you after the film is over. You carry the film like buuno emotional baggage you do not want to let go. Does Buno Haansh qualify? He opens up to a wider audience than he did before.

Dev, as Amal, the younger son of a Bangladeshi immigrant family is the typical bhalo chhele good boy who works as security guard in a shopping mall. He lives in a low-middle-class ghetto and a close friend Anindya Banerjee tempts him to join an underworld ring as carrier. Buno Haansh becomes an exciting psychological thriller.


Buno Haansh (Bengali) / Outstanding | Entertainment News, The Indian Express

As the audience is sucked into the hot chase Amal is a victim of, we ask ourselves — will Amal get caught? Will he be able to clear himself? Will his family bans the danger he is in?

The internal and external dilemmas Amal constantly struggles against are brought out lucidly by the dancing-fighting-jumping-leaping matinee idol Dev in an outstanding, off-beat performance he will be remembered for forever. Amal is very quiet, diffident, shy, uncertain but affectionate.

Buno Haansh Movie Review

So, Dev has few lines to speak and that becomes his winning point. His body language spells out his character without needing to fall back on needless talk. Srabonti has few dialogues and is somewhat sidelined. All characters, big and small, stand out in brilliant cameo support and ranking would be unfair.

Buno Haansh (Bengali) / Outstanding

Aniruddha has paid close attention to the sound design that adds another dimension of suspense. The scene where Amal and Rijula stand on the edge of a hill and throw the fake currency notes in the air is telling. The Sufi number married to a Bangladeshi folk song is especially good. The production design takes your breath away in its versatility, use of colours and pragmatism.


The film has an open ending with Amal walking away after talking to his mother who asks him to come home. Thank you, Aniruddha and team hahs a great film.

Dev and Srabonti in Buno Haansh Direction: Chatterji Is there a benchmark for a very good film?

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