The Blarney Pilgrim. Guitar chords-//: G / D / G-Am / Em-C / G / D / G-Am / D:// //: G / D-G / G / D-G / Em-G / Am-Em / G-C / D:// //: D-G / D / G-Am / Em-C / D-G / D. The Blarney Pilgrim sheet music. This jig isa popular tune at Irish sessions. It seems to be especially popular under fiddle players, but is equally. 04 The Jolly Soldier – The Blarney Pilgrim. € Oh it’s of a jolly soldier that lately came from war. He loved a fair young damsel, a damsel so fair. And her.

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This is apparently a really well-known tune.

I first saw blaeney in a pennywhistle book. I have heard this tune played by Gaelic Storm. Seven Nations also does this with Uillean Pipes.

I believe it is on the Road Kill CD. So i tend to play it ABCB.


The Blarney Pilgrim (jig) on The Session

I really do like the tune though – and on mandolin I like playing a couple open D pillgrim along with the melody on that B part – and sometimes an open G note on the A part.

Go here for a detailed discussion of the key of this tune https: Anybody have ideas for a good, simple backing for the other two parts? Blarney Pilgrim, The S: Seamus Egan on tenor banjo M: Road Map Of Ireland” https: This is a version I heard from Craig Duncan I believe.

I learned this tune from a friend of mine named George Balderose, in an Uillean pipes class that he was teaching.

It has changed a little as I have played it, so it has a couple of odd little tweaks. I hope you enjoy!

I realize it should be down a 5th, in G Major Thanks for any help you can offer! Yes, I agree, it sounds close to the first two parts of the Blarney Blraney If you are a member of The Session, log in to add a comment.


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The Blarney Pilgrim – Irish jig with guitar chords

The Blarney Pilgrim R: This tune is nicely paired before The Walls of Liscarrol. I realize it should be down a 5th, in G Major.

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