The past two nights I have gone through Bert’s 60 minute workout. I did much better tonight than I did last night and feel this workout could. This is Bert’s “60 Minute Workout”, which is video #1 in his collection of nearly It definitely will still benefit anyone to watch the video.

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I tried at least 20 times and maybe got it right twice. Volume 25 Winning Safeties for Volume 84 The Power Tuneup Step 4. I’m using a factory installed Triangle or LePro?? I gave the DVDs to him, cause we’ve been talking about all these drills from Bert. Originally Posted by mojarraman. Chris this is SO helpful Volume 12 The Mighty X.

Bert kinister 60 minute workout is best video there is if You Watch next vid of Series too. Volume 35 The Short Game. I can draw many shots full table Great thread, great help. Find out what Neils limit is and see if you can even get close.

Volume 54 8-Ball and 9-Ball Execution Volume 57 Jump and Masse Shots. Volume 92 Questions and Answers Part 2.


This is Bert’s “60 Minute Workout”, which is video 1 in his collection ninute nearly The more I practice, the luckier I get. Everyone has a proper stance at the table; watch this video to find your proper stance. Volume 78 Advanced Rail Shots.

Bert Kinister Videos

Volume 11 Advanced Fundamentals. Mark Forums Read Blogs. Find all posts by elvicash. Last year I watched the video many times and made my own drawings.

Volume 88 The Power of the Jump Shot. If so, this is the video for you. Volume 3 Secret 9-Ball Knowledge. Want to learn some trick shots used to hustle the cash?

Bert Kinister Volume 1 – “60 Minute Workout” for Pool and Billiard.

Do you want to amaze your friends with great safeties? Watch this video to 600 out how to do it. Kinister 1 hour workout – Volume 63 Secrets of Banking Balls. Volume 89 Secrets of Professional Pattern Play. Volume 8 Using the Nine-Pointed Star. PM me with your email address if you want one. Volume 7 Building the Interior of the Star.

Find all posts by playdoubles. Volume 62 The Shrinking Rectangle of Pain. Volume 76 Secrets of Finesse Shots. I struggled with shot 5 today on a 9′ table Selected Best Video for 8-ball and 9-ball by Pool and Billiards magazine. Volume 69 Professional 8-Ball Patterns. Recently made a purchase? Once again totally UN-answer-able “concerns” about the tip Perfect practice makes perfect.


The only hint that I have is to look at last at the cueball.

Volume 27 Introduction to Angles and Speed. Volume 73 Secrets of One Pocket.

kinisrer Volume 38 Putting it Altogether. Rolling this ball like Bert does you have to give yourself the best chances of hitting this ball perfectly in the middle no left or right spin! Find all posts by peteypooldude. You’ll call and thank Bert when you can do this. Find all posts by alanvo. Find all posts by Poolmanis. It definitely will still benefit anyone to watch the video because he shoots each shot and explains a lot about the techniques. Volume 39 Advanced One Pocket.

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