Find great deals for Behringer Eurorack Mxa Studio/live Mixer – 20 Inputs. Shop with confidence on eBay!. View and Download Behringer Eurorack MXA user manual online. Ultra low -noise channel, 4-bus mixer. Eurorack MXA Music Mixer pdf manual. is my behringer mxa mixer really that bad? what is it that gets it such bad reviews? preamps? EQ? what is so bad about them? sorry.

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Log in Become a member. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. Have been using Behringer products for the past few years. Reason is becoz they’re the cheapest in the market. Have to wait for the buzzing sounds to dissapear before i hit the record button. But sometimes the buzzing return while recording!! A definaite No No for recording. Everything sounds dirty with less head room after running through a signal into it.

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It may be rack, but I use it in the recording studio I mean dj scream “the fool! T say everything on the technical mx2004a, I will not add more. You turn the knobs, and Yeah, walking, why you, does not? I have read everything on this small console in the late 90’s, and I find that one point should not joke. None of my collgues do prcise dtail in how it uses this table, for mx2004s critics are not uncommon when it comes to spitting a knob or a so-equalizer called ineffective.

SOUNDS The console is transparent what that the era of purchase, incolourful midrange, which somewhat surprised Yes, if you push any background, even the big consoles worth living wage gnrent also a bit of hiss, so I read that the equalizer and the table were not worth Tripet, that nothing happened when you turned the knobs, you name it and the best At this point I wonder if the one speaks well of the same console Or I have bionic ears, because when I turn DSOL a knob in one direction or the other, I have to be careful because change means trs trs much faster and I must be the Steve Austin of music!

Je did not have much money, I certainly did not want the console with built-in effects, because prices like this, the effects are Ben By the way, what effect? It sounds squeaking, trs too!


Mdium, This silent color that marked the era. I wanted a year ago to change the table, I tried the new Xenyx always in the same brand, but if they are remarkable for the price, live best in low, it is closer Mackie of color, without reaching however they will not at all in the studio. So I kept my MX A, which is more “sche” in its construction, which makes me use for the bass drum and toms in gnral. Premire C’tait my mixer, I will change srement one day, but for now, I keep some time with her.

For what I do daily, it is largely damped dj. The report quality price Behringer in gnral is the best on the market.

Exprience with, yes, I do it again the same choice Not much to see other opinions to add. The manual is clear and even describes how to make changes on the inside with a soldering iron. Ben good for caractrisiques, I do not see what else to what is already on the site behringer: No digital effects and no groups. USE Usage is classic. The manual is very succinct. Many of breath in pramplis when the gain is slightly pushed.

Behringer MX2004A Musical Instrument User Manual

EQ are quite effective. With an mx2004a prampli, the whole is neutral, and it’s already not bad. It does its job by those famous pramplis, and that’s the problem: The console is Rackable, it’s better. For a small home studio is perfect because the number of entries is sufficient, which can test a lot of connections.

MXA | Analog | Mixers | Behringer | Categories | MUSIC Tribe

It is a very simple console again. I have not changed it. For a first or small investment, I suggest, but for serious work, I think we should forget the brand.

I will not buy the table if the mine was released because I now looking for quality pre-amp, but it is a good model to make his debut. But I still advise to small budget. The manual if you need it clear to me. Even at 50 dB amplification gain – this is used to record “classic” with condenser microphones Neumann, Schoeps and Gefell etc.

Obviously, Behringer specifications were correct at least in this aspect. For those who like figures: Of course, ACEC input “open” infinite input impedance the wind increases, but we judge with an impedance Ohm eg realistic, because it is the output impedance of a typical professional microphone.

So I wonder if others have heard the soffle microphones connected to the MX, or really mx2004z breath of the MX preamp? What behirnger me are the knobs to adjust the input sensitivity that is not reliable.


Unfortunately, the Mackie has the same weakness VLZ Hopefully the new Mackie Onyx series will correct this! In general, it seems that Behringer products sometimes suffer from negative stereotypes Favored by vendors for commercial reasons? It was one of the reasons I really enjoy the behriinger of experiences on Audiofanzine. In terms of functionality, it is excellent. Robust, efficient, and flattering, “but how you sound like a behringer with?? Attention was not worth euros when audessus same.

Rackable, 8 mono, 4 stereo, 2 Send, 2 bus, headphone jack I never static test, would be stupid when I rev a good preamp Oh yeah, it’s cheap, but it was worth the money I thought not having to buy stuff, as I used it in a patch was, ds, but we must leave some of its basic functions is the cata I would frankly be ashamed to sell it someone Rackable, 8 mono channels, 4 stereo, 2 bus well if you call a bus.

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Input and output jacks and XLR. EQ bass, medium low only stereo alesmid, high.

No effect all the better because if they had had the same quality and qu’la console I would have a nervous breakdown is to say for the console without a parachute jump of the 15th floor. When the manual, he is more than enough for this type of console not have to look far: You gre-the level of different sources. So for a This is my first console and I can not gallery as gallery on some sequencers or samplers. I found a J’lui its super flat. Javais not so long ago one of the 80 Inkel bought balls and although it sounded much better, I still m’ettone when I listen to old recordings 2 rods are made with Inkel the era I was 15 and the recording can not say that silent trs pro and although I had a sound that give more than the p There is no DSOL for advertising.

When a cre “Fiott liquid”, it assumes the critical and can be that motivate a Behringer do better next time. The particular feature that I prfere is the price and I t stupid to think one day the right touch. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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