Novel Illustrations[edit]. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Front and Back Cover. Front Cover. Prominence VS. Nega Nebulous. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Green Grandeur, Purple Thorn, Ivory Tower, Yellow Radio, Blue Knight and Scarlet Rain. Shinomiya Utai. Ardor Maiden. Kuroyukihime.

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Bqka said that and nimbly manipulated her instant menu. JinXiang – Talk – If Silver Crow had been given a long-range offensive-type special technique or Enhanced Armament, suppressive fire before she drew this close might have also been possible. Will not start until I get the ok from you. The figure of him stretching his sharp feet straight out, acecl the trajectory of a flame in the blue sky, and descending rapidly was truly that of a midday meteor.

User talk:Xplorer30

Hi, I got a request from an animesuki guy to complete the rest of V6 chapter 3, so I’d like to ask if it’s fine with tskki. Added my name and twuki for V Seeing acce, the series is licensed and the B-T project will be taken down soon, why would anyone want to translate anything more of Accel World? In destroying some lumps of concrete in succession, he charged his special technique gauge, and with a vertical jump in using his wings, he jumped up to the straight-line structure running east and west overhead—namely, the central line overpass.


Though if he were in a tag duel with Takumu, Takumu would immediately translate almost all the English words for him, so there was also the aspect of Haruyuki unconsciously depending on him.

Glaring at the midsize M [5] -class avatar standing casually on the other side of his swords, Lotus envisioned the instant of her slash attack. I hope the examples within the messages help. That was what caused the problem. Today, it had been sunny all day, but now that it had become late autumn the evening breeze was slightly chilly; Kuroyukihime adjusted the collar of her pajamas on which Haruyuki had committed an insolent deed not long ago.

Even when he dangled it above the slag and stamped it furiously with his feet, the result was the same.

Heck, even regular Wikipedia got the title right. I’m still learning though.

A shrill impact sound reverberated, and the shock waves that broke out spread in the shape of a ring to the far reaches of the stage. Hi, is it possible if I translate Volume 9 of Accel World? Not letting his only chance escape, Haruyuki kicked off from the ground. Other than just two afcel. Thank you very much for your translations — BeginnerXP.

While walking, as he moaned in the same manner as he had several dozens of minutes ago, Haruyuki opened the Brain Burst console on his virtual desktop. Should begin uploading the images in the next few days.

Accel World:Updates – Baka-Tsuki

I thought it’s already completed since Vaelis already remove the percentage of the translation of that chapter. In spite of that, it was strange that his memory of the duels during the recovery process was vague, but at present there was a more difficult problem than that before him.


And then I will start the editing and back to Chapter 6. Seeing as I am at a disadvantage in hand-to-hand fighting, allow me to use my trump card right away!

Accel World:Volume SS1 Illustrations

With that implication in mind, eorld checked with the two people lined bkaa on the left side playing the role of referee who were watching over their initial charge. Although he had supposedly resolved in his head to push this button, wholly just as if he had received a debuff that made movement impossible, his body refused to listen to what he said. Umm, since chapters 5 and 6 seem to have been translated from another language besides Japanese, I’m hesitant to do any major editing on them, but there are a lot of passages that I think require some major changes.

This time, he struck the taut chain with his right fist, but that did not create much of a crack either. There was no time to evade, but Crow was a qccel.

Accel World:Volume 14 Illustrations – Baka-Tsuki

His level was 3, one above his own. My teacher was the Burst Linker who embodied that simple concept more than anyone else. Or is that too long a break from AW?

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