The Arcanist’s Cookbook. The Arcanist’s Cookbook Unique This Item Begins a Quest Item level Classes: Mage Requires Level The Arcanist’s Cookbook is a quest-starting item that leads to the mage version of the [Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas]. The trinket is considered to. ANARCHY COOKBOOK VERSION Page 2. Table of Contents. 1. Counterfeiting Money. Card Fraud. Plastic Explosives. 4. Picking Master.

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The Arcanist’s Cookbook – Items

Thank you, sohlolfor allowing us to display your artwork on our subreddit! Guide The Arcanist Cookbook self. Hot on the heels of my recent research into how Blood Gems are determinedI felt the need to finally sit down and write a guide specifically for gemming out your weapons, if you’re an Arcane build. In some ways, Physical builds have it easy because they can just farm Meanwhile Arcane builds are “stuck” with “worse” gems that have secondary effects At least, that’s what the scrubs will tell you.

I’m here to tell you these secondary-effect gems can, under the right circumstances, outperform even those rare Elemental Combined with my new insight into gem bonuses and farming methods, it’s high time for an update.

I hope to have Arcanist 2. The recipes here are merely suggestions, based on my current opinions. This is also not an exhaustive list, there are merely the recipes I’d use. If you come up with a recipe of your own, please share!

For more glyphs, and lots more useful stuff, please check out The Bloodborne Sheets. Conversion Weapons is a term I’ve been using to describe any purely physical weapon that’s been converted into Elemental using Blood Gems. Note that while mixed-elemental Blood Gems exist, they don’t always work If an attribute of a higher priority exists on the gem whether Flat or Percentagethe weapon will be converted to that type and the lower-priority attributes won’t take effect.

Thus, Physical gems with Flat Element of any kind are largely useless for purely physical weapons, though they can be used on hybrid weapons. For the most part, I think there are enough dedicated Arcane weapons now that Conversion weapons aren’t needed, although Serrated Fire weapons with Atk vs Beasts are incredibly powerful. That being said, if there’s a Conversion weapon you really like, by all means go for it! I play mostly PvE, so for the most part I focus on that content when I’m thinking of ideas.

It’s my opinion that Arcane builds have the most diversity in terms of weapon choice, so please don’t take this as an exhaustive list. These are just my favorites, tried and true.

In cases where Abyssal gems are mentioned, consider save-scumming the bosses involved. Saw Cleaver normal mode is my favorite and usually my starting weapon, but Saw Spear both modesThreaded Cane trick modeBeast Cutter both modesand Whirligig Saw trick mode all work wonderfully.

Basic version, no reason not to. This is tied for 1 best Arcane-type weapon that doesn’t require a specific Rune to even function, in my opinion. Wheel is the other contender. These two weapons together compliment each-other well, so don’t think you have to pick just one!


Technically speaking you can cookbiok this weapon with Nourishing gems and use the entire moveset just use the recipe for Moonlightor you can do what I do and dump all your eggs into the multi-hit basket. The damage and stagger potential are ridiculous, and it’s a highly mobile weapon when you understand it. In my opinion this is potentially more powerful than any Bolt Conversion against Kin specifically, once you understand how to use it. Transform attacks are your friend!

If you get lucky and drop an off-shape Open Foes gem from Gargoyles, even better! This isn’t so much a weapon designed for beasts as it is simply a great Fire weapon with a pretty unique playstyle. I’d probably still keep a Roast Beast on hand for emergencies, but this weapon is damn good on beasts and non-beasts alike. When you’ve used the primed Charge Attack you’ll see why. If you really want to use this against Beasts colkbook, you can use the above Tonitrus recipe with “Beast” instead of “Kin”.

This is a really fun weapon to use if you’ve equipped the Milkweed Oath Rune, which is the only way you can do anything but lame punches. However, ayy lmao once you put that rune on aecanist hell breaks loose.

Watch some videos of the moveset, it’s hilarious.

The exception to this is a pretty big one: The Trick mode L2 explosion. This thing has a couple of small hits leading into a big one, and it therefore benefits a lot from Flat Arcane For the rest of the moveset, though, decent Arcane percentage gems will often outpace Zrcanist Arcane of similar quality.

I think Nourishing gems with Open Foes are really neat, what with being so easy to farm in huge coobkook and boosting Visceral damage somewhat. For the most part, the dedicated Arcane weapons I listed above are the best in my opinion, but if you’re really wanting a Conversion weapon for PvP, using 2 Nourishing gems with Atk vs Open Foes or Charge Atk Up, which are the best multipliers we can get for PvP, will give any Conversion weapon more potential in these circumstances than Elemental Radials and they’re probably easier to farm.

Gems within each shape are listed roughly in order of effectiveness, but it sometimes depends on the weapon. Note that you still need 1 Elemental gem to convert the weapon, arcanits keep that in mind. Note that a Because of this, each element has different recommended imprints. At the beginning, we choose our imprints based on the gems we expect to find, but once we have a lot of gems, we choose the imprint based on what we have.

I keep getting asked about these, because they are noticeably missing from all of my guides. Many people are excited about this, and quite understandably so, as it makes them best-in-slot for two of your gems in nearly all circumstances Kos Parasite is a notable exception. For the 3rd slot, simply vookbook a powerful percentage gem from one of the lists above.

However, it’s my opinion that this absurd increase in power is the result of a bug. Because of these glaring inconsistencies, and chiefly the fact that only these two sources, and only the Cursed gems rating 18, arcanust, and 20 are affected, leads me to the conclusion that buffing scaling gems was not an intended result of arxanist patch.


If that were the case, why would so few have been buffed?

The Arcanist’s Cookbook – Items – Vanilla

I pretty much only recommend using the Radial versions, because they can give you Atk vs Open Foes or Charge Atk, which you know by now are my favorite bonuses. However, Pthumerian Elder is a possible boss in all 3 areas. Based on the Japaneseit looks like these are multi-hits:. I don’t know if these are based on testing, or a guidebook, which are not always correct.

See Wheel in the “official” guide from FuturePress.

I caution everyone to understand that “official” in this case means “officially licensed third-party material,” not “direct from the developer. Notably, the dashing R1 in transformed mode.

I’m still not totally convinced on that though. Holy shit you’re right. It may be my 99 Arcane, but practically everything but the Explosion does more damage with good percentage gems.

And the explosion isn’t really that much worse more of the damage is at the end than the front but it’s overall similar. I’m actually very happy to have influenced one of your guides haha. I think your new write up for the weapon is very accurate. I’m aarcanist entirely sure on the multi-hit R1’s of the un-transformed moveset yet which are better.

On my 99 arcane build I do notice about a damage per hit difference in most attacks coo,book both PvE and PvE when switching between gem setups. A twitch streamer, DarkLordSen, farmed up a perfect radial with arc primary and flat, and a perfect triangle, then he had a normal He only has 40 arcane, but I did notice my Parasite was doing more damage. With that little arcane though, just getting simple flat arc gems might be good enough anyway, and definitely easier to get.

Lucky you getting the I’ve had 3 arcane gems drop from them though, all attack down. Something you might want to actually try out is putting a cold abyssal on your Kos Parasite.

It sounds like it won’t help because it already has S, but mine gets a few more points of damage from aecanist over another I only have a On my 70 arcane build I get just under Damage is still very good in PvP for the bracket though.

Kos has a 1. Maybe I’m mistaken then. Have you tried it with two Remember not to count the flat bonus on all gems because I feel the raw arcane damage is more important.

I remember it adding just maybe 4 points more AR on both of my builds. Again, I could be wrong and I need to look with another Two of them didn’t boost my Viscerals by a lot, but it was better than nothing.

I expect if I were any good at doing Burritos it’d be more meaningful. I hear cookkbook man, I just cannot get that flat arcane bonus on any gem whatsoever there. It is addicting though.

The Arcanist’s Cookbook

I always make my builds with PvP in mind, and I always try to rush through chalices, but then I get to the PvP with my best in slot gems and I just wish I could improve more. There’s a magical feeling when you get that perfect gem. I’d also like to say that I am really enjoying your youtube series!

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