Moms Pay High Cost for Caring In a new book, The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued, author and former. The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued. Ann Crittenden, Author Metropolitan Books $25 (p) ISBN. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and research in economics, history, child development, and law, Ann Crittenden proves definitively that although women.

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The social safety net does not protect divorced or single mothers from poverty. Write a customer review. The main idea this book presents is that our society still fails to incentivize mothers proportionally for what they contribute to the economy by raising children crittneden.

In one area, not mentioned by Crittenden, the value of a SAH mom is even further denigrated. My three main criticisms of the books is first, that her world-view is too narrow. And how much more scary must it be if you’re not well educated and you didn’t have a marriage relationship based crirtenden eternal commitment to each other. Apr 23, Christine rated it it was amazing.

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The Price of Motherhood: They have little training, the pay is terrible, and some of them are so unstable I would not let them in my home. Apr 25, Sally Duros rated it it was amazing. I haven’t actually finished the book, so everything from here on out is interpolation, based on tge I’ve read so far.

I get a very strong vibe that she thinks that women should not be in the home, that to be “equal” they need to be working. Our country talks so much about “family values”, but very little is done economically to back it. I think that this book is valuable for answering questions that a lot of young women have before starting a family but are unsure where to look for answers.

Apr 26, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing.

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Bold Ideas for a New Economy. Mothers didn’t write the rules that govern how their work is treated – ghe rendered invisible – by employers, by the law, or by government. Summary In the pathbreaking tradition of Backlash and The Second Shift, Labor of Love opens the last frontier in the fight for women’s equality: Understand why you’re pissed all the time.


On My Own Two Feet: But she does it because she loves her children and wants what is best for them, and that is her choice. Every woman I’ve given it to has thanked me and pronounced it fascinating, eye-opening and important reading. She says that we need to stop the stigma of being a mother, but she seems to be adding to the stigma of being a stay-at-home-mother. A women’s magazine editor wrote recently, “If The Feminine Mystique was the book that laid the seeds for the motgerhood movement of the ‘s, The Price of Motherhood o someday be regarded as the one that did the same for the mothers’ anh.

The fact that children do better with two parents is just as important as all the facts outlined about the difficulties of single parenting, the problems of poverty, child support enforcement, alimony, etc.

I don’t believe that any of the changes While reading this book I had some real struggle with my own choice to be a stay at home mother I hate that title. So this is definitely outdated in terms of research, so I wanted to give it only two stars. She constantly points to Sweden, France, and several other more socialized countries as the model for how the U. I guess they seem best if that is your ideal, but I think it would be a beautiful thing if we didn’t need so many preschools because mothers were staying home and being actively engaged in their children’s early education.

Thank goodness I found this book, abandoned in the hallway, one year at the end of school. I am furious that I pay taxes for a system that excludes my son and that I took such a financial hit and I do not get paid for the work I do educating him, even though I have a higher level of e This book articulated a lot of the frustrations I feel over how little the work I do as a mother is appreciated, something that really hit when I had to leave my fulltime job to give me the flexibility to homeschool my son with special needs because the school critteneen not provide adequate services for him.

Read this book if you have, or think you might one day have, children. A former reporter for the New York Times and a Pulitzer Prize nominee, she has also been a financial writer for Newsweek, a visiting lecturer at M. When I was 13, I decided that I would not marry and that I would not have children.

It falls into the trap of focusing primarily on upper-middle-class white feminism not exclusively, to its credit, but intersectionality isn’t really a key focus in most of the bookand parts of it don’t hold up particularly well. Ann Crittenden is the author of Killing the Sacred Cows: If child care is paid, it is classified as “unskilled,” a decision that explains why there is mmotherhood a shortage of trained nannies in the U.

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She is not eligible for unemployment insurance if she works part-time or at home; and she is not mtoherhood for disability insurance; ie: Showing of 57 reviews. The Price of Motherhood was an alarming book, and an important one for anyone who is thinking of becoming a parent or who already is.

Your pay and job-advancement will suffer from the moment you take a maternity leave. A mother who chooses to stay at home pays the mommy prcie, deals with the uncertainty of single parenting if it happens and loses respect in society. Ann Crittenden has the answers. On the other hand, it’s really depressing to really think about how poorly mothers are treated. The government leaves her economic contribution out of critrenden GDP. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

In this provocative book, award-winning economics journalist Ann Crittenden argues that although women have been liberated, mothers have not. But the fathers with working wives, who presumably had a few more domestic responsibilities, earned almost 20 percent less. Get to Know Us. Have you ever wondered what motherhood is “worth”? My mother loved working outside the home. More about the book: How can we, as a society, best support, protect and value motherhood?

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The price of motherhood : why the most important job in the world is still the least valued

Before I read it, I took on the naive “feminist” but not really feminist at all position that women should be working and not at home. I’ve always been a big fan tge the traditional family as the model for society, but I think that Ann Crittenden has convinced me that societal norms are not fair to mothers, mainly because of how vulnerable they are if their husband decides to walk away.

She initiated numerous investigative reports and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

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