Andersonville has ratings and reviews. Larry said: This is a book that I read as a young teenager. It changed my life. I was living a fairly mi. The greatest of our Civil War novels” (New York Times) reissued for a new generation As the United States prepares to commemorate the Civil. Man’s inhumanity to Man — and the redeeming flashes of mercy — this is the theme at the heart of this grim record in fictional form of one of the blots on the.

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As he neared the end of his labor, he wrote: The commandant of the prison is of German dissent and still speaks German frequently. View all 4 kantlr. I agree that it begins at an excruciatingly slow pace, but now that I have finished the entire thing, I can see how the author kept building the story, layer upon layer.

Feb 28, Suzanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: The authority, the person with immediate responsibility for Andersonville, was one Captain Henry Wirz, of Swiss German origin, the only person convicted and executed after the Civil War of what we now refer to as war crimes. Incredibly graphic passages abounded, and while I anderspnville care in that “I care that any human was treated this way,” kind of way, I did not care in an, “I know and care about this character specifically,” kind of way.

The attempt at “authentic” language is cloying and painful at points perhaps not aided by the narrator’s strategy in the Audible version. It wasn’t a terrible book, and Andersonvulle read all of sndersonville, which probably puts me in the minority.

Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor | : Books

It’s not a book to enter into lightly; this is not a book to andersonvile to the beach. Benjamin McKinlay Kantorwndersonville an American journalist, novelist and screenwriter. Kantor will not hold your hand with footnotes or asides. Or did he really mean for it to be considered a novel? Mack kept writing as he had always done, but his health and spirit never recovered and the work of his final years only diminished his fading reputation.



In this priso I want to give this book 2. As such, we hear their back stories and what led them to this point and also of the despair, and the futility, that those outside the stockade feel as the horror of the camp unfolds. It showed me what a safe little world I inhabited and thought was iantor. Views Read Edit View history. View all 6 comments. There was a problem adding your email address. I didn’t buy this book because it was a Pulitzer Prize winner, but I was pleasantly surprised when I first received the book in the mail and learned that it had won this honor.

The attempt at “authentic” language is cloying and painful at points perhaps not aided by the narrator’s strategy Ugh, this andrsonville was painful to get through, and I only persevered because Andersinville was reading it for a book club. You get to know them and care for them, and them follow them on their journey into captivity.

The man who wrote ‘Andersonville’

Toward the end of the novel, an escaped prisoner is befriended by one of the prison guards, forming, in the process, an ultimately deeply emotional and liberating friendship.

Starvation, disease and humiliation.

It is a huge book not available in kindle in the UK, so this is really a door-stopper of a novelstanding at over pages and with an enormous cast of characters.

It won the Pulitzer Prize in ; was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection, was well-reviewed and long remained on the best seller list. With rations infrequent and insufficient, no shelter, sickness rife and a lack of leadership, the place descends into a living hell. Nov 03, Karyl rated it it was amazing Shelves: Many of those involved are German including WirzIrish, or from a whole host of other countries.

His family, his whole way of life is under threat, and yet he views himself as a benevolent father figure and is concerned that, if his slaves are given freedom, they will be unable to care for themselves. In just over twenty-six acres thousands of Union prisoners were penned as in a zoo, with no shelter other than their own rough shebangs, holes dug in the ground, covered with blankets or coats propped up with sticks.


I will admit that I have very little knowledge of American history, including the American Civil War. While evil infuses the novel, it is not a hopeless world.

Two of my favorite episodes include the Tebbs brothers, one where Floral is heading on an adventure with his friends, only to discover they are headed to the local cat house, where Floral’s mother “entertains” men. Both kangor Blue and the Grey are shown at their worst and at their best.

I honestly wish all of Andersonville zndersonville written in this format because it leaves the reader with more questions forcing you to linger on a thought rather than a resolute. Kantor cleverly introduces you to characters in their home setting first.

ANDERSONVILLE by MacKinlay Kantor | Kirkus Reviews

Nineteen months ago the open pine forest was compassionate. I was a snotty adolescent, predisposed to think skeptically of members of all previous andetsonville, especially those who happened to be in my family. You will read about urine and feces and pus and bile and lice and rotten flesh and frostbite and bedbugs and vomit and scurvy, diarrhea, malnutrition, and shrapnel. Born into poverty with an emotionally abusive father, his elemental drive and love of words had propelled him, at least briefly, to one of the highest pinnacles a writing man could attain.

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