Downloading Enova DVX Firmware Files on 2 displays the front panel of the DVXHD, DVXHD, and. “Cabling for Success with DXLink” available at or contact your AMX 1 Enova DVXHD-SP 10×4 All-In-One Presentation Switcher (front. Find great deals for AMX Enova Dvxhd SP All in One Presentation Switcher . Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Choose to switch audio, video or both from any input to any output. Easy to setup, wire, and configure. Maione has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology and is an active member of InfoComm International where he serves as an adjunct faculty member and Standards Committee member.

There are also several excellent videos which provide dvc informative demonstrations on the product. The internal test pattern generator is a great feature. If you want to review a product for your peers, email us at AVIntern nbmedia. Built-in SmartScale technology outputs video that is perfectly scaled for each connected display, eliminating the integration challenges that can occur when sources and displays have different optimal resolutions making the DVXHD-SP easy evx specify, easy to install, and easy to use.

Operation of the DVX was excellent. Press to access the Video menu on the LCD display.

AMX Enova Dvx-3150hd SP All in One Presentation Switcher

There is a completely redesigned datasheet which provides a wealth of details on supported formats, configuration limits, voltage levels, etc. Can’t decide which Switcher to get?


Web interface is very intuitive. Further details on all resolutions are clearly depicted in the Operations Reference Guide. Both guides are very thorough and complete in all areas. Press to exit amz menu.

AMX DVXHD-T FG | Projector People

Installation and use is simple with its plug and play operation and InstaGate Pro technology. Liquid crystal display 2 lines with 20 characters per line indicates current volume level and displays the Video, Audio, and Tools menus. The rack mounts are easily added.

The backlit LCD display at the center is menu driven and provides 3150hs access to the video and audio menus.

AMX uses its proprietary SmartScale Technology on every output, which provides a properly scaled image based on the actual resolution of the display device such as a flat-panel or video projector.

It does much more than peer products. Video Mute 31550hd in a blank screen on the output display. Press to access the Audio menu on the LCD display.


Write a review View Reviews 0. See Operations Reference Guide for details. As would be typical for a router, the network screens provide full configuration of IP and DNS and also includes a log page and complete internal diagnostics. The use of phoenix connectors for all the audio inputs is excellent. Well laid out web pages using tabs and pull downs with very nice graphics. Easily integrate HDCP into system designs and enjoy dx free plug-and-play operation. The ventilation grilles on the top and side provide along with the auto turn-on fans provides excellent ventilation.


Security controls are good. SmartScale reads the Extended Display Identification Data EDID and configures the output for the ideal horizontal and vertical pixel count, detailed timing, color space, and chromaticity.

Ask a Question Your Name: As an allinclusive solution it replaces the need for numerous individual components and equipment to provide a complete AV system in a 3 RU package. As a standalone unit it provides complete matrix routing of AV signals 3150hv the following AV functionality:. The AMX DVXHD-SP is an all in one presentation switcher from the Enova line with features that include; matrix switcher, scaler, analog to digital signal converter, and twisted pair transmitter and amplifier with built-in professional grade audio DSP processing.

Press the TAKE pushbutton to implement the switch. The switcher was designed for your future needs in mind with its multi-format video inputs that support analog and digital signals including HDMI with HDCP sources that are all in the same connector.

A recent update provides for uploading site files from the web browser—a very handy feature when deploying multiple units throughout a facility. Input LED blinks to indicate that the Controller is receiving data.

These outputs have become a widely used favorite. Ask a Question View Questions. Documentation included in the box is the basic two-page installation guide.

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