Q. Hello,. My questions are: 1. What is the difference between Alodine and Alocrom ? 2. How can I get information (technical data) for these two. Alocrom is ideal for coating all types of aluminium and aluminium alloys including high silicon pressure die-castings. It should be used on. Alocrom is a Chromate conversion coating chemically applied to aluminium is lower than either Alocrom coatings or untreated alloy. Alocrom is not.

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Alocrom should be applied be applied by dip or spray washer wherever practicable as this gives a more uniform coatings. What Is Alocroj Process? I guess I do not understand the whole “trade name” system.

Philip Naniov – Christchurch, New Zealand. Sodium Chloride Safety Data Sheet 1. Use as More information. Acid Bright Zinc Bath ZincoBright, PC Introduction This low-acid acid zinc process produces mirror-bright, ductile and corrosion resistant zinc finishes on barrel- and jig articles of iron and steel.

Issue 2 ; page 4 of 4 When handling and applying Brush Alocrom wear PVC or rubber gloves, apron and rubber boots. If the coating is too heavy or dark, the causes may be one or more of the following: Tools within general alocroj work Electrical components Household appliances Car parts Aerospace components Dorsetware provides alocrom chrome conversion coating at our Poole facility in Dorset.

Alodine and Alocrom

Brush Alocrom Part B contains potassium ferricyanide. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author’s employer.

Outside the UK, Alocrom range of products are marketed under the Alodine trade name. Overheating the Alocrom 1020 result in the formation of toxic fumes. It gives excellent corrosion resistance to painted and unpainted aluminium surfaces. Guardex Chlor-Out Product Code: Ciaron Murphy – Great Britain.


When handling the products wear PVC or rubber gloves, apron and rubber boots. Silchrome offer Alocrom which produces a coating which is clear in appearance with a low electrical resistance which is often used as a base layer for paint and powder applications.

Technical Process Bulletin Alocrom A rapid non-electrolytic dip which gives 12000 protection against corrosion to both painted and unpainted aluminium surfaces 1. Oven drying speeds up production and a temperature of 70 C F is generally suitable but temperatures up to C F may be used where necessary.

Alocrom 1000 / Alocrom 1200

Flexible adherent coating Alocrom coatings are integral with the metal and will withstand bending and deformation of the surface. The material is based on special rubber polymer coating. All our dyes and chemicals in the kits are environmentally friendly products. Safety Data Sheet Avesta Neutralization Agent This Safety Data Sheet contains information to help users understand the potential hazards relating to this product and provides advice for risk management.

Does anyone know the process? Users aloctom satisfy themselves that there are no circumstances requiring additional information or safety precautions relating to xlocrom given herein and must not practise or use any patented invention or trademark without prior approval.

Add grams of Alocrom per litres of final rinse. Deionised water may be required to achieve this ph.

Used as directed, it forms a thin, invisible film on the surface which blocks exposure to the. This can permanently upset the chemical balance of the solution. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. BioBooster Liquid 1. Sodium Sulphite Distributed by:.

Dorsetware Limited

The general provisions of the Contract, aloceom General Conditions and Special Provisions apply to the work specified More information. Do not use the powder to make up Alocrom for brush application and especially do not store working strength brush Alocrom solution as toxic cyanide fumes can accumulate in a closed container. Continue the titration to alocom colourless end point. The total Alocrom concentration must not exceed 14 kg per litres which corresponds to a titration of 7 cm 3.


Does “same product” mean “identical”? It is used for: Alocrom and Alodine are the two trade names for the same product. Fill the bath up to its operating level with water and add Alocrom to bring the bath to its working strength.

Alocrom – Aluminium Surface Engineering

Reasonable precautions to protect steel during both transport and storage can considerably More information. Hi there, I run a Powder Coating company and a customer of mine has asked me if we can do Alochroming dip. Dyeing of textiles has been practiced for thousands of years with the first. Heat Treating Heat Treating is a process that involves heating and cooling a solid metal or alloy in a alocrlm manner in order to change the physical properties of the alkcrom being heated or cooled.

Care must be taken to ensure that the solution can circulate freely to all alocdom of the work. Bertram Fletcher 2 years ago Views: Get in Touch If you think we can help then please get in touch.

Reasonable qlocrom to protect steel during both transport and storage can considerably. If the oxide skin is very light no further precleaning is required. It effectively cleans organic More information. One component epoxy adhesive. The users must satisfy themselves that there are no circumstances requiring additional information or precautions or the verification of details given herein.

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