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Bosnia’s cuisine with its special dishes satisfying to even the most exacting palate, concocted with as much inventiveness as the stories of the Arabian Nights. Bosnia is a gastronomic country in the highest sense of the word. This dish is made from fried slices of eggplants and a filling made from minced meat fried with chopped onions and tomatoes.

Alternate layers of eggplants and the meat filling are placed one on top of the other, beaten eggs and lkisic are poured over this and the dish is then baked in the oven. Thanks to him we have the first book containing valuable information about various kinds of Bosnian cooking with hundreds of recipes for savory dishes cakes and sweets.

The number of courses differed, from a single dish which means a meal for lakisif poorest to thirty in all. Formal suppers — in Bosnia the evening meal is the most important one — abound in different courses. Let us take a look at one of of these old menues: All these dishes were served with kyhar Herzegovina and Dalmatian wines, to be followed up by rice pudding, baklava a sweet made of raisms and ground walnuts steeped in syrupsmall had and Turkish delight of various flavours.

At that time, feasts in Sarajevo and other larger towns in Bosnia always had at least twelve courses not counting minor ones served in between, which, if included, would bring the number of courses up to eighteen. Here is an example of one such evening meal with all its courses: Divide and add a little coarse flower until the dough has become firmer. The dough is then rolled out into paper thin sheets and left to dry.

While the pastry sheets are drying, prepare the filling: This is then slighty browned in hot fat and mixed with ground walnuts and fine sugar. Sometimes the sugar is omitted. In Travnik the fine dough crumbs are obtained by forcing the dough through a sieve. The pastry sheets are then placed on a greased round baking tin alternately with the filling and sprinkled with melted butter, until all the laakisic has been used up.

The uppermost sheet in some places called duhak which means a bridal veil must be thin and unblemished so that when baked the sweetmeat looks as attractive as possible. Finally, the baklava is cut into diamond- shaped pieces and baked in the oven, first moderate, then hotter, and lastly turned down again.

The baklava is baked until it is a rich golden brown. Care should be taken not to over-bake it. If the baklava is very thick,uhar upper layers are sometimes lifted off during the baking and then put back again so that the middle does not go ” sad “.

While the pastry is in the ovenmake a thick syrup out of 1 litre of water and the sugarlater adding lemon juice and vanilla. This is then poured over the pastry until the latter can absorb no more. While the sweet is still hot it should be covered up and left to stand overnight. Wash the meat and steep in cold water, scrape the vegetables carrots, parsley root and celery and boil with a little salt, together with the meat.

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When the chicken is tender, strain off the broth. Remove meat from bones and add to boiled rice and beans. Stew again with the addition of lemon juice and a little more salt. Before serving add beaten egg yolk and cream to the broth.

Lamija Hadziosmanovic kuharr The Bosnian Cook.

Alija Lakisic – Bosanski Kuhar

I hunted for laiisic to get the contact information for the author, Lamija Hadziosmanovic. After my friend translated some articles I found, we tracked her down. She agreed to let alika interview her and it was by far the highlight of my time in Sarajevo. I realized why as soon as we entered, it was full of gorgeous Bosnian furniture, dishes, blankets, and carpets. Every corner had a display meticulously set up and immaculately clean.

My eye was drawn to a haunting black and white photo of a woman who she explained was her mother. It was one of her only possessions that survived the war, everything else I was looking at she had acquired since it had ended. Combine the eggs, cheese, sour cream, salt. Lay down 3 sheets of phyllo in the bottom of the baking dish reserving 3 sheets for the topspraying with cooking spray or brushing with oil between each layer.

Sprinkle filling on bottom layer. Now add phyllo in single sheets again using spray or oilsprinkling with filling each time until the filling and phyllo have been used up. Top with the remaining 3 sheets, spraying or brushing each layer, including the top one.

Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until golden. Heat 4 tablespoons of the cooking oil in skillet on medium-high heat. Kuhat the onion until if softens and then add ground meat, season with salt and pepper, then lightly brown. Remove from heat and set aside. Lay down 6 of the phyllo sheets in the bottom of the baking pan, spraying with cooking spray or brushing with oil between each sheet and folding in the sides to fit.

Now evenly spread the meat mixture over this. Next, lay down the remaining 6 phyllo layers once again greasing and folding over to fit lakkisic baking pan. Cut into squares using a sharp, serrated knife. Pour the remaining cooking oil over the burek, making sure some gets between the cut edges. Using a mixer beat the eggs, adding the milk bit by bit. When well mixed pour over the burek. Place in oven and bake for about 1 hour. You may wish to serve burek with some sour cream or thick plain yogurt to use as a topping.

When served as a main dish or lunch entree yogurt for drinking is served alongside. Wash the grape leaves and cook them in boiling salted water with the vinegar. This will enhance their taste and color.

Heat oil in a skillet on medium-high heat and fry the alijq until soft. Then add the ground meat, egg, parsley, rice, salt, pepper and the paprika.

Bosannski well and saute only till meat loses most of its pink color. Now stuff the grape leaves with the meat mixture by placing the meat in the middle and folding over one side, then folding in the ends, and finally rolling over to the far side.


Place seam side down in a heavy stockpot. Continue layering the stuffed grape leaves until you have used up all leaves inside your stockpot. The weight will stop them from floating and lakisix the stuffing come out once you add the liquid.

Now add enough liquid to cover and simmer over medium heat until the rice inside is cooked, you’ll have to test one usually about an hour. Pita is the generic name for a much-loved dish consisting of layers of filolike dough baked with a with a filling of potato, cabbage, grease, meat, squash, spinach, or pazijaa Bosnian green. Bosnian women make pita oftenbut most refuse to buy doughpreferring to make aljia own. Other common homemade dishes are sarma stuffed cabbage rollstrahana farinaceous pellets for soupBosanski lonac a stew of combined meats and vegetables slowly cooked, traditionally in a special earthenware potand a wide array boanski Turkish-style sweets.

A variety of regional Bosnian dishes are also prepared within families and not known by the wider community. These two kinds of brandy are usually drink as appetizers. Wines produced in Herzegovina have got many recognitions at international fairs and are aloja popular. So here are several recipes that show materials and give directions for preparing certain specific Bosnia-Herzegovinian dishes.

Salt lqkisic pepper are put into the broth before serving. Usually served for breakfast. Bosanski lonac Bossanski lonats — Bosnian Pot: Beef is boiled with various vegetables, including potatoes; then onion and garlic are added, and, finally, some vinegar, too. Served with rice or mashed potatoes. Before serving, some spice dressing — usually pepper and ground paprica — and sour cream are added. Sweets prepared in the Bosnian manner are another specially of this cuisine.

Of course, the most popular is baklava. But, besides lakixic, there are several other kinds of sweets in sherbet. When it is first cut and then well bakedm sherbet is poured over. The rhomboids of baklava are served cold.

After boiling, they are filled with finely ground walnuts. Hot sherbet is poured over thus prepared apples. Bosnian cakes and ice cream are divine. A similar meal pattern can be defined for most of Zlija and Herzegovina, regardless of ethnicity. The diversity is greatest when comparing rural with urban dwellers. Sunday meals often differ from those on weekdays, and what one eats depends aoija the season.

The same raw materials are available to every group, with the exception of pork and alcohol, which are prohibited by religious law to Bosniaks, and the cuisine shoes only slight differentiation. Laksiic few dishes are, or at least are regarded as, specific to one group or another. More commonly, the differentiation occurs in daily diet.

Around the World – in favorite recipes: Ethnic (Bosnian) Offal Recipe (Bumbar / Širden)

As already discussed, trahana is another food closely associated with Bosniaks. Of the meals, breakfast varies the most. Coffee is commonly khuar first thing consumed in the morning.

This is a typical Sunday breakfast.

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