User Guide for Alcatel Telephone. Advanced Phone Features For The Alcatel set is equipped with the following elements: 1. Handset. 2. Alcatel OmniPCX . The list of programmable features can be found in your User guide. Þ. END of Alcatel. OmniPCX™ and REFLEXES™. Alcatel Advanced Reflexes™ Alcatel OmniPCX Office ARCHITECTS OF AN INTERNET WORLD User guide How Thank you for choosing one of our Reflexes .

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This user guide is designed to give you: Display soft keys are represented by: Pre-programmed and user-programmable keys are represented by: See Table of Codes. For more information regarding your system configuration, contact your telephone system manager.

This user guide is designed for multi-line station users.

For information on single line service configurations, contact your system vendor. Terminal in idle state: Terminal is involved in a call: The green LED flashes to indicate that one or more messages have been received.

Navigation Concept The Navigator is used to select directory pages, or available features, advabced to scroll through the pages appearing on the two-line display which, in turn, designates the feature for each display key.

If you select the upper line, indicators will flash at the left end and right end of the line alcatek indicate that the line is active. If you press a display key or wait a few secondsthe lower line automatically becomes active again.

Keys and icons Your multi-line terminal has 8 pre-programmed station keys and 16 station keys programmable by you the user or your installation technician. These 24 keys are alccatel to: Call icons Feature icons Call ringing flashing. Terminal or line busy supervision. Call on common hold.

Pre-programmed station keys are used to: This should be placed under the key cover for each block of keys. Fixed keys The fixed keys correspond to frequently used features.

To reduce station speaker handset receiver or ringer volume. Station speaker – to share a conversation End: To increase advnced speaker handset receiver or ringer volume.

Alphabetic Keypad The keypad is used for text message features, the “Dial by name” feature, and for programming. Dial 9 or lift the handset and dial 9 ; then dial the number you wish to reach.

Alcatel 4035 Advance Reflex Telephone User Guide

The display will show the number you dialed and the icon associated with the line key will indicate the status of your call: You can determine what code to dial to access features by consulting the Table of Codes, or you can use Guide mode: Call Access Menu followed by and to display system call codes.

Lift the handset and dial the number you want directly or use a dialing feature, e. The display will show the name of the person you called, and the icon associated with the line key will indicate the status of your call. If there is no answer, you can choose one of the options indicated on the display.


Press the display key corresponding to your choice: Consultation Call During a conversation with either an internal or an external caller, you can call a second person. To cancel the second and return to the first call, Note: If you press the wrong button, hang up. Assoc or dial the code for the “Associate call” feature.

Answering a call When your terminal rings – your display will indicate the caller’s number external call – when caller information is provided or name internal call. When you answer the call, the calling station number will also be displayed. Answering other calls during a conversation During a call, you can answer a second call.

Alcatel Advance Reflex Telephone User Guide |

When a second person calls, you hear a beep and see a flashing line key multi-line terminal. The new call rings and your display shows caller information until you answer or the call is forwarded, or the caller sets camp-on. If you want to answer the second call, press the flashing line key. The first call will automatically be placed on hold. If several calls 3 or more arrive simultaneously, only the last one reflfxes displayed.

To Menu determine the identity of waiting callers and press the flashing line key for each call. To end this review: You can prevent calls from being camped on advancd your line is busy: Outside calls will be directed to the attendant. This alcatep remains in effect ref,exes cancelled. To cancel this restriction, CampOn Transferring a call If you are in the middle of a conversation, you may want to transfer your party to another terminal.

To transfer a call: If you prefer, you can transfer the call without waiting to see if the second party answers alcayel if their line is busy. Putting a call on hold If you are in conversation with an internal or external party, you may want to put your party on hold, and be able to retrieve the call later at the same terminal.

To put a call on hold: HOLD or press the line key for a new call.

Alcatel 4035 User Manual

To return to the first caller on holdpress the line key for that call. To recover the call, pick up the handset and press the line key.

Switching between calls Broker Calls If you are in conversation with one caller and have another caller on hold, you can switch back and forth 4305 them. Dial the code for the “Group call pickup” feature, or GrpPic or Access the service feature group “Call pickup services”to apply GrpPic.

To pick up a call ringing at another terminal not in the pickup group: Calling – using your Advanced personal directory Your terminal displays several lines of mnemonics short, easy-to-remember namesone for each number that you have programmed into your directory.

To go reflexfs the next display line, use the Navigator. Press the line keys relating to your call. The number for each party will be displayed. To call – using your Advanced personal directory: Press the display key Displ you have programmed for the number you want.


For information on how to program numbers, see Programming your personal directory. Calling – using a programmed station key Programmable keys on your terminal external parties, or to access features.

The call will be made automatically, and the display screen shows the number being called. Programming of keys for speed dialing depends upon your system configuration.

If you want to talk with manuwl of them at the same time 3-way conference: To cancel the conference, and recover the first call: The second call will be terminated.

In a typical terminal configuration, if you hang up during a conference, the other two parties will remain connected this may occur even if both are on outside calls. To park a call: To recover your parked call at the destination station: To recover your parked call at any other station in the system: If a call is parked for more than the predefined period of time, it is automatically sent to the attendant or other designated number within the system.

To request a callback: To cancel the automatic callback request all lines lacatel busydial the number a second time, and then hang up. Camp-on an internal party who is busy If aalcatel call an internal terminal and all of its lines are busy, the voice guide or busy tone and station display will inform you of this. To camp-on a busy internal line: CampOn and wait do not hang up. As soon as advaned line akcatel are calling becomes available, your call rings at alcagel station. To answer a night service call: Entering a scheduled Meet-me conference At a predetermined time, you can join in a telephone conference of up to 29 people including yourself.

The participants may be internal and external depending upon your system configuration. A confidential access code will be provided to you in advance by the individual arranging the conference. Advsnced number of digits required in the meeting code default: To enter a programmed conference call: If not, you will join the conference and the display screen will show you 27 C A L L S Answering a night service bell how many people are taking part.

If there is no more room in the conference, you will hear the busy tone. You can leave the allcatel at any time by hanging up. Transferring a caller into the conference External callers wishing to join the conference must be transferred into it, by an internal station. You can introduce an external caller into the conference by using the call transfer feature. To transfer a caller into a conference while on the line with your party: LINE and enter the code for the “Meet-me conference” feature.

Your caller will automatically be put on hold.

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