AGFA – ADC CompactHighly productive and user-friendly CR digitizer, Agfa’s ADC Compact™ digitizer maximizes staff productivity by requiring no manual inte . Agfa CR Adc Compact Plus Model Information: Find All Used, New, and Refurbished AGFA ADC Compact Plus CR For Sale Listings on DOTmed. Service Technicians PACS / DR / CR / Digital Forum Agfa Adc Compact Error Number Massiera Gilles Entraide Biomedicale Hello all, We have.

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You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities Optimal Productivity and Ease-of-use The ADC Compact Plus digitizer accommodates multiple users and features a drop-and-go buffer that eliminates waiting times; all the user has to do is to deposit cassettes.

The ADC Compact Plus digitizer automatically takes the cassettes from the input buffer, reads the demographic data from the memory on the cassette, scans the imaging plate, digitizes the image and returns the cassette to the output buffer for new exposures.


A user can immediately deposit cassettes and return to the patient.

Agfa Adc Compact Plus CR – Model Information

Waiting times at the digitizer are eliminated and staff productivity is maximized. Compact Footprint The ADC Compact Plus digitizer occupies a very small floorspace and allows two users unhindered access, one at the input and one at the output, resulting in a agfw flow of operations.

It is ergonomically designed to ensure an efficient and safe workplace. High Productivity The cassette buffers virtually eliminate waiting times for the staff and bring the average throughput of the system close to maximum: I get wdc upd but not the Can Anyone give me some advice?

My Use a NX version 2.

Automated CR plate reading with no manual interaction necessary Waiting times are virtually eliminated;users simply deposit cassettes Maintains equity of current equipment investment while charting a path to digital Simple operation and automated cassette handling processes up to plates per hour.


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AGFA ADC Compact Plus CR

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