Reprinted from the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Vol. 3, No. 4 (), pp. Among the most signficant presentations in the year history of the. Precise Four-Quadrant Multiplier with Subnanosecond Response Miscellaneous: Eec – ommunication Electronics from University of California, Davis. This paper describes a technique for the design of two-signal four-quadrant multipliers, linear on both inputs and useful from dc to an upper frequency very close.

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Previewing pages of actual document. Measurement of loop gain in feedback systems.

Larson of res;onse Advanced Instruments Group and G. Wilson of the Integrated Circuits Group proved stimu- lating and helpful, The experimental work of E, Traa is also gratefully acknowledged.

IEEE Let- tersvol.

A precise four-quadrant multiplier with subnanosecond response – Semantic Scholar

PatentJune 18, The precision of the product is shown to be limited primarily by the matchmg of the transistors, particularly with reference to emitter-junction areas. Expressions are derived for the nonlinearities due to various causes.


Ideally, there would be no limitation on the rate of variation of w input.

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