, English, Book edition: A course in phonology / Iggy Roca and Wyn Johnson. A Course in Phonology presupposes no prior knowledge of phonology or. Documents Similar To [Iggy Roca, Wyn Johnson-Blackwell, A Course in Phonology. Phonology: Analysis & Theories. Uploaded by. erabbi. Handbook of. the various stages and areas of the discipline [Iggy Roca, Wyn Johnson- Blackwell, A Course in. Phonology. by CursosSecundariaInglés. (0 ratings).

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A Course in Phonology : Iggy M. Roca :

Iggy RocaWyn Johnson. Wyn Johnson wrote her doctorate on the lexical phonology of Jggy, and has been teaching phonology at the University of Essex since Roca and Johnson are to be congratulated on this accomplishment, to be sure, as these will be features that will appeal to students and instructors alike.

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The presentation is logical and clear. Exercises are well chosen I have no doubt that A Course in Phonology will be, because of its depth and coverage and its attention to pedagogical concerns, the book of choice for many instructors of ifgy.

Beginning with the basic principles of phonological investigation, the text leads the reader through all major theoretical frameworks, up to and including Optimality Theory.

Professor Roca’s experience as an educator is evident in both content and quality; constant self-checks ensure the active participation of the reader.

A course in phonology / Iggy Roca and Wyn Johnson. – Version details – Trove

A Course in Phonology. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Description This textbook presupposes no knowledge of phonology or phonetics, and takes the learner step by step through the various stages and areas of the discipline without sacrificing rigor or breadth of coverage. The extraordinary clarity of explanation by the authors make this book readily understood by anyone with a keen interest in phonology.

He specializes in phonology and is the author of Generative Phonology and the editor of Derivations and Constraints in Phonology Table of contents Reviews Features Preface.


How Are Sounds Made? The Production of Obstruents. Natural Classes of Sounds: Phonological Processes Involving Vowel Features.

The Vowels of English. The Great Vowel Shift. The Phenomenon of Stress: Metrical Principles and Parameters.

Modes of Rule Application. Domains of Rule Application: Lexical and Prosodic Phonology.

A Course in Phonology

Aspects of Lexical Representations: Underspecification, Markedness and Feature Geometry. Looking Back and Moving On. An excellent introduction to the theory and practice of mainstream generative phonology and should be on the reading list of any course on this topic.

It has been written by people who are not only exceptionally good at doing linguistics, but also at teaching it.

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